Katie Maloney’s drama after Scheana Shay’s wedding is still very much alive, even away from the cameras that capture Vanderpump Rules’ gossip. Why wasn’t Katie at Scheana and Brock’s wedding?

Scheana Shay claims Katie Maloney gave her “blessing” to ex-husband Tom Schwartz pursuing Vanderpump Rules castmate Raquel Leviss. Now, Katie has posted a throwback to their text exchanges in May 2022.

Katie has given her side of the story after she didn’t attend Scheana’s wedding to Brock Davies. It comes after she found out her ex-husband Tom Schwartz kissed Raquel Davies, which is shown in the show’s new season.

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Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay: Drama

Katie and Scheana have had drama since the latter “gave her blessing” for Raquel and Tom to pursue a romance. After that, Katie didn’t attend Brock and Scheana’s wedding, who recently said he and Scheana had to choose sides.

“There was a conversation that happened between Katie and I. Katie said, ‘I think they would make a good couple,’ or, ‘They might be a good match,’ or something along those lines,” Shay said on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast.

Raquel said to Page Six that she felt they had to pick sides during Katie and Tom’s divorce. “We literally told them there are no sides to pick,” Katie fired back on Instagram. In an upcoming episode, Katie blasts Shay during a FaceTime call.

“Scheana, you’re a s***ty person,” she states. “Karma’s going to come for you and I’ll watch your world burn and I’ll smile.” Shay later said: “I did push that [Tom and Raquel] because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do.”

Why wasn’t Katie at Scheana’s wedding?

Katie said in a text message to Scheana that she “tried to RSVP for the wedding but couldn’t.” She was originally invited to Scheana Shay and Brock Davies‘ wedding — but was ultimately “disinvited,” the groom told Page Six.

However, Maloney denied Davies’ version of events in an Instagram comment, writing: “I’m enjoying all the untruths.” Rachel made out at Shay and Brock’s August 23 wedding in Mexico, an event filmed for Pump Rules season 10.

Though Katie allegedly acknowledged Schwartz and Leviss’ compatibility in private with Shay, she has made it clear that she does not approve of her ex pursuing anyone within their shared social circle, Page Six reports.

Katie resurfaces wedding invite drama

Katie shared text messages with Scheana from May which detail Scheana saying: “You literally told me in Vegas that you want Tom to move [on] because you had already.” Katie later said: “I don’t need you to help Tom with anything.”

She captioned the stories with: “I told Scheana I wasn’t down for this s**t. So keep going with this diabolical nonsense.” In another, Katie wrote: “I was pretty clear that I didn’t mean or co-sign s**t, so why go through with this?”

The last in the series of stories saw Katie write: “Laying down some groundwork. Inviting Schwartz and Rachel to her birthday (not me) was very obvious but sure, too busy to check in with me.”

GRV Media and Reality Titbit have contacted Scheana for comment.

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