Since Vanderpump Rule’s favourites Tom and Katie announced their separation last week things seem to have moved very quickly as just over a week later Katie has officially filed for divorce.

It was only several days ago that Tom Schwartz announced he couldn’t face the “D-word” yet as it was “too painful” but it sadly seems like he now has too as Katie appears to have made up her mind.

Keep reading to find out the latest breakup news as well as more on the fact that they are still living together.

Jerrod Carmichael: Rothaniel | Official Teaser | HBO

Jerrod Carmichael: Rothaniel | Official Teaser | HBO
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Katie has officially filed for divorce

Katie has officially served Tom with divorce papers after attending the Los Angeles Superior Court on March 22 to file for divorce from her VPR co-star and husband, Tom Schwartz.

The couple announced only just over a week ago that there were separating after spending over a decade together. Although their romantic journey as partners has come to an end, the couple plan on reminding good friends, in part of Katie’s post she said:

After 12 years on an adventure through our life together Tom and I are ending our marriage. This ending is not met with resentment or animosity, no sides to choose.

Katie Maloney, Instagram

Fans were hopeful and holding on to the idea that they may still reconcile, however, Katie’s appearance at court this week seems to confirm they are definitely over.

The couple are still living together despite getting a divorce

During an episode of the You’re Gonna Love Me podcast, Katie opened up about what led to their break up and also mentioned that the couple is still living together as they try to nag I ate their way through the break up respectfully. Katie said:

We do still live together in our house, and we’re just trying to navigate these steps together and really work on becoming friends in that sense.

Katie Maloney, You’re Gonna Love Me

The reality TV star went on to mention how the couple are in the same friendship circle, therefore felt it important to be able to try and work things out so that they can still hang out together without their friends feeling the need to “choose sides.”

Katie is busy working on herself

Understandably, Katie’s fans were worried about her well being when they received the breakup news and wanted to know how she was doing. On Sunday, March 20 Katie took to her Instagram to update her fans on how she was doing, to which she said:

I’m actually doing really good. Feeling really loved and supported. I feel very hopeful. I’m on the pursuit of happiness, I want to feel my soul. And of course, I want to prioritize my career goals.

Katie Maloney, Instagram

It seems to be Katie is focussing on herself and the future of her career. We hope the pair remain friends and wish nothing but the best for both of them.


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