Have you ever had a hard time getting rid of ingrown hair? If you have, you’d understand what Keke went through on the latest episode of Dr. Pimple Popper with more than 500 cysts spread across her body. 

Dr. Sandra Lee, who, at first, is baffled by the number of cysts on Keke’s body, starts to enjoy the removal process as she begins to pop one cyst after another, only to find a bunch of hair accumulated under the skin! 

If you’re wondering what’s wrong with Keke in the latest episode of Dr. Pimple Popper (August 18), we’ve got all the details for you right here! 

Steatocystomas has taken over Keke’s life

A helpless Keke bursts into tears on seeing Dr. Sandra Lee. When the doctor asks her what’s wrong, she proceeds to show hundreds of bumps spread across her neck. 

Keke further reveals that these bumps can be found under her chest and groin area. Even before examining Keke, Dr. Sandra was able to guess her patient’s condition; which is Steatocystomas.

She describes it as a condition where oil, or what she likes to call “butter”, accumulates under the skin, causing bumps that could be painful from the swelling and even cause permanent scars. 

Dr. Sandra says: “They tend to appear really during puberty. They can get infected, and that’s usually when they may burst under the skin, and that’s when they can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and even potentially permanent scarring.”

She wants to help Keke regain her confidence and make her feel more comfortable around her husband. 

Doctor enjoys pulling the pubic hair

At first, the doctor tells Keke that she can’t treat all the cysts on the same day as her hands tend to slow down.

Sandra says Keke has more cysts in her pubic area than her neck and stomach combined. As she starts to pop them, she finds multiple strands of hair embedded under the skin, mostly little short vellus hair, which she “expected.”

However, as Dr. Sandra proceeds to the bigger cysts, she is surprised to see large chunks of public hair deeply tucked under the skin in and around Keke’s groin. Does that gross you out? Well, the doctor enjoyed removing them.

“They are actually really fun to remove. You’re like, what could be in this one? And all of a sudden this like emerges,” Dr. Sandra explains. 

FBOY Island | Official Trailer | HBO Max

FBOY Island | Official Trailer | HBO Max

What we know about the patient

Dr. Sandra was able to successfully treat Keke’s cysts, but as she mentioned earlier, the process could cause a lot of pain and even leave permanent scars behind. 

Since we can’t find Keke on any of the popular social media platforms, it’s hard to determine her current condition. However, in the trailer, she’s seen telling on camera that she’s excited. So, we think she was able to find a solution to her problem all thanks to Dr. Sandra. 

It remains to be seen if Dr. Sandra was able to burst all the cysts as she was worried about her back giving out. Perhaps, it took Keke multiple sessions to get rid of all the bumps on her body. 

Tune in to TLC on Wednesdays to catch the latest episodes of Dr. Pimple Popper Season 6.

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