On April 27 something pretty crazy happened, Kim Kardashian finally addressed photoshop rumours on her Instagram story, and after getting very in-depth about the situation – she admitted to it!

After months of speculation surrounding the Disneyland “Photoshop” pictures with “True” and Chicago, we finally have the truth from Kim herself as she got candid about the Photoshop situation.

Reality Titbit has all the details on the Disneyland pictures as well as what the Kardashian said about other Photoshopping rumours surrounding her belly button and her boyfriend’s jawline.

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Generation Drag | Official Trailer | discovery+

Generation Drag | Official Trailer | discovery+
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Kim photoshopped Stormi out of the picture

The 41-year-old mother of four opened up in-depth on her Instagram story about the Disneyland editing and confirmed that she did Photoshop Stormi out of the picture, and replaced it with Khloe’s daughter, True.

Kim started by saying that her Instagram was following a pink and blue aesthetic and the pictures of Chicago and Stormi were perfect for her feed. However, Kylie didn’t want any pictures of her or Stormi on the internet then saying “she wasn’t feeling posting at the time.”

Despite this, Kim really wanted to post the picture because it “matched her aesthetic” so she changed the colour of Stormi’s pants from orange to pink, and not forgetting the fact that she changed her entire head.

Kim denied editing herself and Pete

Although she admitted to editing the Disneyland pictures, she also addressed other Photoshop rumours to clear things up. It started with the reality star denying editing her belly button in her recent posts and then she went on to say:

I didn’t realise how much you guys were going to enjoy my Photoshop post. If you thought that was good I have so much more… This is fun.

Kim Kardashian, Instagram

Kim went on to deny the rumours that said she had edited Pete Davidson’s jawline in one of their pictures sarcastically saying:

I guess Pete’s jawline is snatched!! Snatched to the point you guys thought I photoshopped it!

Kim Kardashian, Instagram

The reality star, for a final bit of proof, went on to post the live version of the picture that she posted to prove she hadn’t edited the picture.

Fans react!

Any fan of the Kardashian knows just how much of a big deal this news is from Kim, so it’s so surprise that Twitter was flooded with comments and hilarious reactions on Twitter, some include:

Yesterday Kim K literally posts “omg so dumb, why would I ever photoshop my stomach??🤪” then the next day posts “okay I did photoshop my Nieces head on my other nieces body because it matched my IG aesthetic” …. Help… seek it.


Kim K needs to stop explaining stuff to the public. If she does shit with photos oh we you ppl judge that woman left & right. She’s human bro ! We are all filter users aint no different from Photoshop.


Kim K. did not photoshop her belly button out of her photos. Kanye clearly got custody of it in their divorce



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