KUWTK fans, prepare yourselves. After years shying away from his story, Kirby Jenner is finally stepping into the spotlight.

Kirby, AKA Kendall Jenner’s “fraternal twin brother,” is finally getting his own TV show!

You may have seen Kirby Jenner cropping up on Instagram, edited into snaps with Kendall, at modelling shoots, partying at Coachella. But this TV series will reveal a whole new side to the secret Jenner star.

But how can you watch Kirby Jenner’s new show? Find out all the ways to watch from the UK!

What is Kirby Jenner’s new show?

Kirby Jenner’s “tell all” series will follow Kirby on his daily shenanigans as well as have a cast of some pretty A-list celebs. Some of the celebrities joining Kirby on his show are Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

Obviously, we all know Kirby Jenner is pulling our leg with this whole ‘he’s one of the family business’, but they are not letting up the pretence for the series. In fact, the show’s tag line is “One famous family. One big secret.”

The show is executive produced by Kendall and Kris Jenner.

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How to watch Kirby Jenner

Kirby Jenner’s new show will be released on Quibi. So, the best place to start watching is on the Quibi app!

Quibi is a new streaming platform built for mobile phones. Each show or episode is built for the a mobile phone format, so episodes are shorter (around 10 minutes) and some can be viewed vertically rather than horizontally, like many IGTVs.


Quibi offers a 90-day free trial. Then, there are two types of subscriptions at two separate costs: $4.99-per-month with adverts; $7.99-per-month for ad-free viewing.

Currently, the app is not designed for 4K streaming, even if you manage to get the episodes on your TV screen, it will not be in high quality.

Follow Kirby on Instagram

It is likely that Kirby Jenner will be posting snippets of his show to Instagram, as that’s where he found his fame.

Kirby currently has over 1.2 million followers, a blue tick by his name, and a following which includes the likes of Gigi Hadid, Sophie Turner and Kendall’s sister Kylie.

Follow Kirby @kirbyjenner to make sure you’ll get the latest on the Quibi show when it drops. It is also likely that episodes or clips will be uploaded to YouTube, as we saw happen with Chrissy’s Court on Quibi.




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