Kody Brown's four Sister Wives each have their own house in Flagstaff

After making the move from Las Vegas, Kody Brown and his four Sister Wives decided to pack up their things and take to Flagstaff.

Since the big change, each of his wives Meri, Christine (who he has now split from), Robyn and Janelle have bagged a massive house each.

Although they have upcoming plans to build a property in Flagstaff as one big family, it is going to take some time. Until then, they’re living separately.

We explored the lowdown on the Brown family’s property, who lives where, and what the overall living situation is for the TLC stars.

Where do Kody’s wives live?

Kody’s wives all live within close distance of each other in Flagstaff.

Meri and Janelle are both staying in rentals, while Christine and Robyn actually own the houses they are residing in.

One source claimed that Janelle’s place appears to be in the Baderville area of Flagstaff, which looks out to incredible views of the mountains.

Robyn has revealed on Sister Wives that the different properties makes it feel like they are living as “four separate families”.

Each cast member is thought to be living in each property with their children, while Robyn – Kody’s legal wife – is living with the man himself.

Then when the pandemic took place, this only widened the rift created by the sister wives living in different homes – before Christine decided to leave.

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Sister Wives: House prices explored

Robyn is thought to live in an $890,000 mansion with her husband Kody. They bought the property five-bedroom, four-bathroom home in 2019.

Christine’s house is back on the market for an asking price of $725,000, after she bought it in 2018 for $520,000, with three bedrooms and three baths.

Janelle Brown’s rental home in Flagstaff was sold in May, while Meri started living in her $1M house alone because her daughter Mariah had moved out.

Meri’s house was listed for sale on May 20th for $1.35million, and sold for a higher amount of $1.46million in July!

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Has the family started building?

The Brown family has not yet started to break ground in Flagstaff.

Kody and his wives set out plans to build one big house for everyone to live in together, so they purchased 20 acres of land in Coyote Pass, Arizona.

The buy took place in April 2019, leaving a good two years before one of the Sister Wives actually moved into a property there.

There are no updates or confirmation that Kody and his wives have began to build in Flagstaff, but Janelle has already parked up.

She wrote to her Instagram followers in June:

The rental where I was living was sold and I chose an alternative path to trying to find another rental. Not only is the housing market in Flagstaff as crazy as where you are I’m sure, rentals are even harder to come by. Presenting my new summer adventure — the RV life but camped on our property.



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