Kody Brown’s Cameo video has fans asking how many of the Sister Wives are still with him, and who is married. He gave a shocking hint at the future of his marriage in a TikTok that TLC viewers are discussing heavily.

He started sharing his life as the husband of four wives in 2010. Kody remains married to Robyn but was originally in a polygamous relationship with Christine Brown, Janelle, and Meri before she became his fourth wife.

However, life took a turn when Christine left Kody in 2021. By 2022, Janelle and Meri had followed in her stride, leaving just Kody and Robyn in a legal marriage, and he hinted at whether he’ll be getting a new Sister Wives in a video.

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Kody Brown’s Cameo goes viral

Kody Brown sent a Cameo to a Sister Wives fan revealing his future marriage plans. He told them in what he claimed is a “spoiler”, “I won’t be having any more wives. Robyn and I are basically monogamous.”

It is the first time Kody has confirmed he and Robyn are no longer polygamous. It comes after his ex-wife Christine predicted that he and Robyn will stay monogamous two months ago.

During the Cameo video, Kody also talks about working in television and said: “What I see is a caricature of myself, it doesn’t feel like it’s really me.” He later encouraged the viewer to “have a plural marriage.”

Only Robyn is still with Kody

Many are asking, who is Kody Brown married to now? He’s only been legally married to Robyn Brown since 2014 but was spiritually married to his former wives, who have since decided to leave him.

Kody and Robyn have been just them two since December 2022, when both Meri and Janelle walked out of the plural relationship. During the one-on-one Sister Wives interviews, Robyn revealed she wants a polygamous marriage.

She said in the interview, which came out in January 2023: “I don’t know, he’s basically said no [to getting another wife]. I can see myself saying, ‘Let’s try this again,’ but I’m scared of it because of how badly this has gone.”

Sister Wives fans react to Cameo

One TikTokker wasn’t surprised at the Cameo and wrote in the comments: “Lol. Robyn and I are basically monogamous? He and Robyn have been monogamous for like 10 years.”

Another Sister Wives fan penned: “Monogamous don’t tell anyone. Buddy, we all knew and saw it happen.”

“‘Don’t let that out, it’s probably a spoiler.’ Sir, you knew it would go viral as soon as you sent it,” reacted a viewer.

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