Who is Krissy from She's The Boss? Updates on Nicole and Josh's "MidTiny" daughter!

The USA Network has launched its new show, following a couple who took in three homeless girls and made a family-of-five.

Krissy is one of three of children who was taken in by Nicole and Josh Walters, after they saw a mother and her daughter panhandling.

Their story from that moment on will be showcased on new series She’s The Boss, telling the realistic, heart-warming journey of their family.

So, who is Krissy? Let’s get to know the daughter of the Walters family, who is set to appear on She’s The Boss.

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Who is Krissy?

Kristina, nicknamed “MidTiny”, is an 18-year-old who was adopted by Nicole and Josh Walters several years ago.

She was found by them aged 11, alongside her siblings Daya and Ally, panhandling in Baltimore City.

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After a month, their biological mother was reportedly incarcerated.

Following her release, they made a joint decision that the girls would continue living with the Walters.

By September 2015, the couple had full guardianship of the three girls.

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Krissy from She’s The Boss: Her story

In summer 2019, Krissy was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer.

She had not learned to drive yet and questioned if she was going to die.

Living in a hospital for the first few months after her diagnosis, Krissy was struck by needles more than 50 times.

Krissy would watch shows with her family and go on trips during treatment, and after several scans, the cancer appeared to be reducing.

She had six to eight rounds of treatment, but was told that she would only need four, and is now cancer-free.

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Where is Krissy now?

Krissy is currently studying math, with hopes to go on to pursue a career in accounting and have her own business.

She has completed her post-cancer follow up care, meaning that Krissy’s cancer has “gone, for good”, according to Nicole.

Krissy is now in “survivorship” status and reportedly has a good relationship with her biological mother.

She now goes for walks, swims, and rides her bike, with plans to go to Emory University, the hospital where she had her treatment.



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