Lattyse was one of three patients who visited Sandra Lee’s clinic on the latest Dr. Pimple Popper episode, as she wanted to get rid of a face cyst.

During episode eight, we see Sharon enlist the dermatologist’s help to find a solution to a cyst under the breast, while Robert has a ‘bum boob’ to fix.

As the TLC doctor does all she can to get rid of cysts, zits, skin growths and other bodily issues, Lattyse hoped she would be able to do the same for her.

Viewers may wonder what happened to the patient, and if Dr. Sandra Lee operated on her and was able to remove the cyst. Reality Titbit has more.

Dr. Pimple Popper: Who is Lattyse?

Lattyse is a patient at Dr. Sandra Lee, who first went to the clinic hoping to get a cyst removed under her eyebrow.

The bump on her forehead had been giving her headaches, which she has had since she was a newborn baby.

It was only the size of a dime, but the bump – a cyst – had grown bigger over the years, which led her to the doctor’s clinic for help.

Lattyse’s story on Dr. Pimple Popper

When Lattyse was 13, she went to a plastic surgeon who told her she might not have a forehead bone, and that she might need reconstructive surgery.

After that, she was terrified, and had ignored it until going on the TLC show.

Lattyse and Dr. Sandra Lee were led to think it is a dermoid cyst, due to where the bump is, and as she was born with it.

However, the doctor had concerns about whether there was a connection with her brain, and that it has been there while her body has developed.

She said the cyst felt soft, and wanted to first check the risks and see if there was any fluid in there, before actually operating on it.

Dr. Sandra Lee described it as a possible “life-threatening situation”, as the cyst was more liquid-based than she expected.

What happened to Lattyse?

After finding fluid in the cyst, Dr. Sandra Lee thought it could be spinal fluid, which would mean it may be connected to her skull or back.

She questioned if she was able to remove the cyst, so decided to send the fluid to check what it is and what type of cells are in there.

The next step was for Lattyse to get an MRI, before operating on her.

Lattyse began to cry as Dr. Sandra Lee felt it might not be safe to do the operation at all, and felt it might be too dangerous.

At the time of writing, it looks as though the patient is waiting to get an MRI, with no confirmation of the cyst being removed yet.



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