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Lenny Hochstein has performed thousands of surgeries and made millions of dollars

Due to his talent and impeccable skills on the surgery table, Dr Leonard (Lenny) Hochstein has earned himself a whopping net worth as well as being recognised worldwide as one of the best plastic surgeons.

Reality Titbit has all the information on the surgeon’s net worth and how performing surgery on tens of thousands of people has made him mega loaded. Check it out.

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Once Upon A Time In Londongrad | Official Trailer | Sky Documentaries
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Lenny Hochstein’s net worth

Lenny’s net worth, according to multiple sources, is approximately an impressive $50 million. He has made this by becoming a critically acclaimed plastic surgeon.

The surgeon and physician lives in the United States and has his own business now called Hochstein MedSpa in Miami Beach, Florida.

He is now regarded as one of the USA’s best cosmetic surgeons and specialises in breast augmentation. He has also received the Academic Award from the University of Miami for achieving the highest possible score on the Plastic Surgery In-Service Exam.

Personal life and education

Lenny was born on June 29 1996 in Moscow, Russia. He and his family eventually moved to the United States and ended up attending Livingston High School in New Jersey before enrolling at Louisiana State University Medical Center in 1990.

He ended up finishing his plastic surgery fellowship in Miami underneath the renowned plastic surgeon Ralph Millard.

He also graduated as valedictorian and has always been successful in whatever he does. His talent has led him to work with and perform surgery on some well know celebrities.

Lenny was a married man

Lenny was married to Lisa who is one of the Real Housewives of Miami. They tied the knot in October 2009 after being together for a long time.

They have two children through surrogacy, a son called Logan and a daughter called Elle Marie Hochstein, both children were born through surrogacy.

They have recently announced that they are divorcing after 12 years of marriage.

Lenny has been sued twice by his patients, the first in 2009 by Monica Hansen, a Playboy model. She sued for $550,000 in damages after he posted images of her on his website without her consent, but she lost the case.

also, his two former employees, Graciela Chevez and Francine Rodriguez stated in 2014 that he was giving away free samples to his patients in order to enhance revenues, which is illegal in the medical sector.


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