Little People Big World is not cancelled: Rumours cleared up by Matt Roloff

TLC’s Little People Big World was rumoured to have been cancelled, however it is not. Matt Roloff cleared up the rumours on his Instagram.

The series follows the lives of the Roloffs, a family of dwarves who face several life challenges while raising four children.

They live on a farm near Portland, Oregon, with episodes focusing on parents Matt and Amy, and their children Jeremy, Zack, Molly and Jacob.

Despite the rumours, Little People Big World has not been cancelled – here is everything you need to know about the series in 2020!

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Is Little People Big World cancelled?

  • No

Although rumours led people to believe that the series was cancelled, Matt Roloff was quick to clear them up.

One fan commented on one of the TLC star’s Instagram posts in September, saying: “God bless you and all of your family, I can’t believe you’re not gonna come back again on television.”


He responded to them:

Who said we’re not coming back [on] TV? We’re coming back with a vengeance. Lol.

Since then, season 21 has been aired on TLC, which finished recently.

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Why did people think it was cancelled?

  • A press release from TLC reportedly declared the upcoming season would mark “the end of an era”

This led to news reports being written, leading fans to believe the TLC series was over forever.

However this is not the case, according to Matt Roloff, who recently told his fans on Instagram there would be upcoming episodes.

There seemed to be confusion over the “end of an era” message, which was most likely referring to Matt’s ex-wife Amy, who is leaving the Roloff family’s farm for good.

He said:

We hope to see many of you on upcoming episodes of Little People Big World due out next year.

When is Little People Big World returning?

  • It is set to return in 2021 for season 22

Reports state that the Roloffs are currently filming for the next season of Little People Big World.

An air date for the upcoming season has not yet been revealed.



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