The first-ever series of Winter Love Island is well underway in January 2020. Episode 1 of the series kicked off from Sunday, January 12th at 9 pm on ITV2.

There’s been coupling up, dumping, backstabbing and some snakey behaviour in the first few episodes of series 6.

Early on in the show, the couples are of course required to get to know each other a little more. The all-exposing couples’ challenge helps them along with that.

And episode 7 (Sunday, January 19th) saw Siannise reveal some private details about her love of “The Anvil” sex position! So, what is it?

the anvil sex position

Screenshot: Siânnise Fudge Love Island 2020, the anvil sex position – ITV

What is “The Anvil” sex position?

According to “The anvil sex position is a variation of the Missionary position.”

The description continues: “To have sex in the Anvil position, you just need to lay on your back. But instead of resting your legs on your bed, you need to pull them close to your chest. Your man then positions himself over you. With the help of your man, position your legs so that your calves/ankles are resting on his shoulders on either side of his neck.”

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Siannise left viewers perplexed

It looked like it wasn’t just Connor Durman who had to ask what Siannise was referring to by “The Anvil” – and let’s not forget his head count of over 100 women. Viewers of Love Island were somewhat confused by Siannise’s revelation.

To most people, it seems that “The Anvil” is a pretty regular thing that doesn’t go by a particular name. Some Love Island viewers made a point of referring to the position as “legs on shoulders”.

One Twitter user wrote: “So leg pon shoulder is called “anvil”? We learn something new everyday.”

While another said: “Who the hell calls legs on shoulders “the anvil” she’s such a weirdo.”

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