Love Island USA: Who is Aissata Diallo? The model with a Master's degree

Love Island USA launched on July 9th 2019. The American version of the show kicked off for the first time and their exotic villa is located in the tropical paradise of Fiji.

The contestants of Love Island USA aren’t that different from the people we see cast on the UK show – we’re seeing abs, tans and toned bods all over the shop.

Aissata Diallo is a bombshell on the US show, entering later on in the competition than the original Islanders and she’s not here to mess around. Aissata is a triple threat with stunning looks, brains and morals to offer the perfect man.

It looks as though Aissata has pretty much made a beeline for Yamen Sanders once she set foot in the villa which has led viewers to do everything they can on Twitter to ward her off the Islander.

Whether Aissata will end up hurt like Alana was, we don’t know, but for now, you can get to know the brunette beauty more…

Love Island USA Aissata

Who is Aissata Diallo?

Aissata is a model and social media influencer who is of Guinean descent.

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The Love Island USA contestant is 26 years old and comes from The Bronx, New York.

Aissata has two degrees. The first is a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology which she gained by the age of 19. Following that she went back to university and gained a masters degree in Healthcare Administration in May 2019.

Modelling-wise Aissata has appeared in adverts for Aaptiv and has an array of editorial and commercial photoshoot pics in her portfolio.

Love Island USA: Aissata on Instagram

Although Aissata never meant for it to happen it turns out that she’s now a huge social media sensation. She said she accidentally rose to fame on Tumblr on a blog post from her website.

Today Aissata has 115,000 followers on Instagram and over 6,000 on Twitter. She also mentioned on her site that her family wasn’t supportive of her being a model. But her modelling and social media fame mean that Aissata can do what she enjoys and get paid for it!

She also has her own YouTube channel with around 5,000 subscribers.

Aissata cites her social media following as being very important and said on her website: “Once I got that “K” in front of my followers count is when brands start noticing me”.

Could Aissata win Love Island USA?

When newcomers arrive on the Island, it can be difficult for them to settle in and make friends but it looks as though Aissata is a hit with her fellow contestants and the viewers at home, too.

Aissata seems to bring nothing but positive vibes and said she “wants to inspire women all over the world”.

If she continues along her Love Island path with Yamen we’d safely say that Aissata won’t make it far in the competition but if she sets her sights on someone new and likeable, who knows? She could have it in the bag!




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