Clearly, it’s not too early for April Fool’s Day jokes, and Peacock is kicking off with their new dating show ‘concept’. Love Language, unfortunately, won’t be happening, but the streaming service put a lot of effort into convincing fans, including casting Francesca Farago to star in the trailer. We look into the fake foolery and the very real partnership with Duolingo behind it.

We all thought we were getting a new dating show, but it turns out it was just a prank. It’s a shame really because the concept would have actually been quite entertaining. Working together to trick their users, Peacock and Duolingo came together to produce a Love Language trailer — an April Fool’s Day joke.

However, though Love Language won’t be coming to our screens anytime soon, there is a very real partnership between Peacock and Duolingo that will benefit users and save them some money.

No, Peacock’s Love Language Duolingo dating show isn’t real

After releasing the trailer on their social media and YouTube, the Love Language Duolingo show was revealed to be a joke when eager fans visited the Peacock website.

However, it may have backfired a little, with some commenting that Love Language would have convinced them to get a subscription. Ouch.

“If this is actually real I might finally have a reason to sub to Peacock.”

Alas, it’s not — despite all the effort put into the convincing trailer.

In a Love Island-esque concept, 10 attractive singles would be living in a villa in paradise in the hopes of finding love. The catch is, none of them speak the same language. Contestants would have to take part in Duolingo challenges each day in the hopes of finding a match. If they don’t they get booted from the show.

Francesca Farago in orange dress leaning on black car at John Wick 4 premier
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It wasn’t looking too fake, especially when Love is Blind and Too Hot To Handle host Francesca Farago appeared. This wouldn’t have been the most surprising after Francesca split from Perfect Match’s Dom.

However, the true nature behind the trailer was uncovered when the host was revealed. None other than Duo, the Duolingo Owl was the face of the show.

It’s a shame because there are definitely dating shows out there with a weaker concept than the Love Language Duolingo show. For now, we’ll just have to live with it being an April Fool’s Day joke.

There’s a real Peacock and Duolingo partnership behind the joke

Don’t worry, the elaborate prank wasn’t all for nothing and there’s something in it for fans. Just not a great idea for a dating show.

Instead, Peacock and Duolingo are working together to bring their customers an offer in April to save them some money.

Until April 19, those who click the Love Language Duolingo and Peacock link will be offered half-price on a three-month subscription. Usually costing $4.99 a month, the real deal means customers pay $7.49 for three times as long.

At the same time, those wanting to find their own love of languages are being offered a free month of Super Duolingo. This normally costs $12.99 a month, so it’s a great saving.

The promotion comes after Peacock stopped new customers from signing up for the free version in January. As the world of streaming services becomes evermore competitive, it’s clear that this is a ploy to get more paid subscribers. However, the effort that they’ve gone to is pretty commendable.

So, no, the Love Language show isn’t a thing. But with the new promotion, you can always learn a new language whilst watching your favorite dating shows for less! Really, it’s a win-win.

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