MAFS: Dr Pepper’s height comes in at just over 5-feet tall

MAFS: Dr Pepper’s height comes in at just over 5-feet tall

Married At First Sight is not just loved for its captivating cast members and endless drama but also for its relationship expert, Dr Pepper Schwartz. The American sociologist helps guide the couples on their difficult journeys through marriage at first sight.

We know a lot about the cast members and couples, however, we don’t know much about Dr Pepper and fans can’t help but notice her petite height and frame.

Reality Titbit did some digging and has all the answers on how tall the relationship expert is as well as her incredibly successful career through her 75 years.

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How tall is Dr Pepper Schwartz?

From watching the show fans couldn’t help but notice that Dr Pepper is a lot shorter than the others on the show and bare in mind she is 75 so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. According to colonelheight, Mrs Schwartz comes in at 5″2 (158cm/ 1.58m).

Fans had been wondering about her height for a while and there were even Reddit forums created for fans to discuss and share their ideas and some fans thought the sociologist was under five feet tall. Comments included:

She has to be shorter than 5″0, I’m 5’0” and I feel like I’d tower over her.


She is deffo taller than 4″7 as she isn’t considered a little person.


I have no idea how tall she is but she’s so darn cute I don’t even care.


Dr Pepper is still a professor at 75 years old

Dr Pepper has had an incredible career and life as a relationship expert and sociologist and even at 75, she is still acting as a professor at Washington University.

The sociologist is mainly recognised for her incredible work in the ’70s and early 80’s when she published her best selling book all about intimacy and relationships which was called Money-Work, and Sex.

Dr Pepper also writes for the column The Naked Truth and also acts as AARP’s love and relationship expert and ambassador.

Finally, as we all know, Mrs Schwartz is the relationship advisor on the very popular reality TV show, Married at First Sight.

Dr Pepper has an MD and PhD in Sociology

The sociologist was raised in a Jewish family in Chicago but moved to Washington when she attended university.

In 1974 the love expert obtained her BA and MA in sociology from the University of Washington in St Louis and went on to get her MA and PhD from the prestigious Yale University.

The highly educated woman went from studying at Washington to teaching there as she now acts as a professor for the university teaching two classes, one being the introduction to the sociology of sexuality and the other being intimate relationships.



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