Buy Making the Cut designs on Amazon Store: How to get the winning looks online!

As Netflix’s Next in Fashion fades into the not-so distant past, Amazon Prime has a new design series to keep up all entertained this spring: Making the Cut.

Making the Cut launches on Friday, March 27th with the first two episodes. All ten episodes will broadcast over five weeks – two episodes landing on the streaming platform every Friday – until the final which will air on Friday, April 24th.

Like Next in Fashion, Making the Cut has stepped the design series format up a few notches. Not only have they roped in influential designers, editors and models to judge the series, they also have a major prize for the winning designer. But they also have a launched the winning outfits from every episode to the Amazon Store.

Find out how to get the Making the Cut designs on Amazon Store here.

Making the Cut S1 – Amazon Studios, SKR Productions

Making the Cut on Amazon

The brand new design series sees twelve designers from around the world to compete for one life changing prize.

Each episode, after fulfilling the weekly brief, one designer will be eliminated until there is just one designer left standing.

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This winner will win $1,000,000 to invest into their line, which will then be launched for sale on the Amazon Store. But not only will the collection be launched, the winning design from every episode will be made available for sale.

Having their designs available for purchase worldwide will open up the doors for all of the designers, so not just the final winner will walk away with something.

Buy the winning outfits every episode

You can buy the winning look created by each of the Making the Cut designers on Amazon here

But be warned, as there are spoilers ahead on that link. So if you don’t want to see who wins for the episodes you haven’t seen, then don’t scroll down!

Not only do they sell the actual designs from the episode, created by the Making the Cut stars, but Amazon sell similar looks and accompanying accessories to go with. So, if you’re looking for someone to automatically sort you a killer outfit, look no further.

You can also buy the look when watching the episode, as there is a ‘Shop the Look’ option in the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen.

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How much do the Making the Cut designs cost?

So, far three winning designs from episode 1 and 2 have been made available online.

The price ranges from $49.90 to $64.90 for the three available looks. We anticipate that this prices will rise as the looks become more and more fitting for runway. 




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