Get to know Mark Macy: Age and Instagram of World's Toughest Race Eco Challenge star!

World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji recently debuted on Amazon Prime. Who is Mark Macy?

If you’re a fan of competitive series, then Amazon Prime’s new program is definitely one to add to your watching list.

Hosted by Bear Grylls, World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji features 66 teams who take on grueling challenges for the course of 11 days. From rafting to hiking, the race will be tough and demanding for many.

Hundreds of contestants from around the globe have taken part in the extreme adventure show.

One of them is Mark Macy who has a remarkable history as an adventure racer behind his back. So, let’s meet Mark and get to know him better!

Mark Macy, World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji

Who is Mark Macy?

Mark is part of Team Endure on the Amazon Prime series.


He has been racing since 1995 and in that year he took part in the first-ever Eco-Challenge series which was created by Survivor producer Mark Burnett. Mark has taken in eight Eco-Challenges in his career as an adventure racer.

On Eco-Challenge Fiji, Mark was supposed to take part with Team Stray Dogs.

However, everything changed when Mark was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he decided to race with his son Travis Macy.

Racing together has been a good opportunity for the father-son duo to share a unique and memorable experience together.

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Mark Macy: Age

Mark is 58 years old.

Unlike other people at that age, Mark is still going strong after so many years which has been an inspiration for many viewers. In an interview with Endurance Sports & Fitness, he said:

I was 42 years old when those first races came about. Marshall and a few others of us in my age group (almost 60) are still going at it, but some have moved on. Other than that, some moved on to the Primal Quest races, but there are not any in the U.S.

That’s what we call a true spirit.

Is Mark on Instagram?

Yes, Mark is on Instagram!

He has just 7 posts but he’s already growing up a stable fan base with 1,200 followers at the time of writing.

Mark might be new to the world of Instagram, but he clearly knows how to share a throwback post.

You can give him a follow @mmacy146.




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