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Mary Paidan ditched Storage Wars for a venture of charitable peace

Storage Wars has been a hit since it first debuted and fans still can’t seem to get enough of watching the infamous cast buying and selling abandoned storage units. During the 12th season, we said goodbye to one of the cast’s favourites, Mary Padian, as the show took a long hiatus from the network.

Mary was and has always been one of the most memorable buyers and now fans want to know what happened to her after the show. Reality Titbit has all the details so keep reading to find out more.

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Taskmaster | Series 13 Official Trailer | Channel 4

Taskmaster | Series 13 Official Trailer | Channel 4
Mary Padian. Picture: Storage Wars: Power Tools & Pool Table Turned Profit (Season 11) | A&E

What happened to Mary Padian?

Mary was one of the main buys up until season 12 but stopped filming when the show was temporarily cancelled.

Due to the unit buyer’s hard work ethic, Mary doesn’t often post on social media so it’s been hard for fans to keep up with what she has been doing, however, we can tell you that she has been true to who she is and has definitely been working hard.

Mary’s original store in Texas, Mary’s Finds closed down after she leaves the show but this isn’t bad news as she has taken it online. Mary’s Finds is now an online store where people can buy her finds, some of which are featured on Storage Wars.

Mary uses her lifestyle to get involved with charity work

In 2019 Mary returned back to Texas from California and was travelling back and forth between Austin and Dallas in order to represent a charity called Ubuntu Life.

The charity is very close to Mary’s heart and it is a non-profit organization that sells fair-trade crafts made by Kenyan women in order to raise money to operate a “speciality clinic for kids with neurological issues.”

The organization also helps support the mothers who make the crafts by providing them with sustainable jobs. Mary has also featured some of these crafts on her Instagram like her “joy bracelets” that were personally designed by herself with all the proceeds going to charity.

Who is Mary Padian?

Mary is from Dallas, Texas, and has become famous for being a leading lady in Storage Wars. However, her biggest passion in life is everything item related, especially furniture which she loves to upcycle and give them a new life.

Mary’s love of buying and selling (and giving) most likely comes from her father, Jhon Paidan, who owns a business specifically catered to recycling scrap metal.

The storage hunter always knew she wanted to have a career in something design so after high school she got an internship at D Magazine then went on to study at the University of Texas.



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