When radio presenter Zoe Ball stepped in as the new host of BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, fans of the DJ were delighted to see her career reach even further heigths.

So her unexplained absence on Thursday, May 23rd sent listeners into a tizz, particularly as she had only just returned from a two-week break!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about where Zoe Ball has gone and when she will return…

Pictured: Zoe Ball.

Where is Zoe Ball?

Zoe’s first broadcast as the host of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show was on January 14th, 2019.

But it has been quite a stop-and-start process for Zoe…

On Monday, March 25th, none other than Fearne Cotton emerged to take her place. And it was revealed that Zoe’s absence during this period merely time off work. She returned after two weeks.

So when Zoe disappeared again on Thursday, May 23rd, listeners were wondering what had happened this time!

Who was on instead?

Rather than Fearne Cotton, Amol Rajan took to the airwaves on May 23rd to replace Zoe.

Amol is currently BBC’s Media Editor, but you might recognise him from another one of his professions… He also is one of the restaurant critics they rope in to judge Masterchef!

But there was a mixed response to Amol stepping in, with some listeners thinking he was a great fit and others begging for Zoe’s return.

The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show.

Why was Zoe Ball not on?

One fan of Zoe’s has a theory about why she was not on the radio, noting that it was her father’s (Johnny Ball) birthday.

But in reality, Zoe confirmed it was for more heartbreaking reasons.

During her radio show on Friday, May 24th she told her listeners “I went to my dear godfather’s funeral. It was his funeral in Blackpool.”

The funeral tragically coincided with the anniversary of her late partner Billy Yates’ passing. Zoe had addressed Billy’s passing on her Breakfast Show earlier this month, saying:

These anniversaries are good as they give you an excuse to just spend some time with your thoughts about them.

We’re sending Zoe all our good thoughts and are glad to hear her back on air this morning (Friday, May 24th).

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