Matt Allwright is one of the most prolific presenters on the BBC and now he’s back for another series of Watchdog this autumn 2019!

He’s also been at the helm on shows such as Rogue Traders, The One Show and Fake Britain.

And while Matt is a constant presence on our screens, not much is actually known about the man himself.

So, who is Matt’s wife? Does the presenter have kids? We’ve done some digging into his family life to find out!

Screenshot: Watchdog S42 E5 – iPlayer

Meet Matt…

Matt Allwright is a 49-year-old TV and radio presenter originally from Wokingham. He now lives in London.

He got his start in the industry back in 1997 when he appeared as a feature reporter on Watchdog. Twenty-two years later and he’s one of the leads on the show!

Matt joined as a co-presenter in 2009 before taking on the lead role in 2016.

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Who is Matt’s wife?

Matt has kept information about his private life very private. He only talks about his wife in interviews occasionally.

In 2013, in an interview, Matt spoke about his brilliant wife who had helped him with his career. He said: “I’m lucky to have a wife who is brilliant at organising both my life and home life which means that when I’m at home, I can concentrate on everyone who’s there.”

He did also mention in an interview with The Sunday Post that he has a soft spot for Scotland as the couple “got married in Gretna and honeymooned in Glasgow.”

It is unconfirmed when or how they met, or when Matt married his wife.

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Matt Allwright: Family

On his website, Matt explained in his ‘About Me’ that “I’m married with two kids.”


He has not divulged too much information about his family online and barely shares any information on his Instagram page.

From some digging through his pics, we found his daughter to be called Rosie Allwright. She’s a trumpeter currently studying at university. You can check out Rosie on Instagram @rosie.allwright. We also found out that he had a younger son.

The majority of what can be seen on his IG are snaps of Ozzy the miniature schnauzer, who Matt seems to adore!




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