Meet George Clarke's wife Katie - Amazing Spaces presenter remarried in 2018!

George Clarke is the nation’s favourite architect.

The 46-year-old TV presenter is famous for his exploits on both Channel 5 and Channel 4 and regularly pops up around Christmas for his ongoing Amazing Spaces adventures, which has continued into 2021.

Since the series first aired back in 2012, George has introduced viewers to some of the most spectacular architectural gems that England, and beyond, have to offer.

And while George can always be found talking about his work and architecture, he spends less time discussing his personal life.

So, who is George Clarke’s wife? Did the TV star remarry?

George Clarke in Amazing Spaces: Northern Lights

Who is George Clarke’s wife?

George Clarke is currently married to a woman named Katie.

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Katie is a brand marketing and comms consultant working for Assassin Communication, which deals with all clients in the Luxury Fashion and Wellness brands.

She married the famous architect and TV presenter in September 2018, in a romantic getaway to Ibiza accompanied by their friends and family.

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Who is George’s first wife?

Katie is not George’s first wife, as he was previously married to a woman named Catriona Drummond. She works as an art director and has spent time working in a variety of animation departments.

It is unconfirmed when the couple met, but it was in the early noughties.

They separated in 2013 and their divorce was finalised a year later.

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George Clarke: Children

George Clarke has three children named Georgie, Emilio and Iona from his first marriage to Catriona.

They all live with him and Katie in their Notting Hill 60s inspired house.

The Clarke family moved into the luxury house – which George helped to design – back in 2015.

George occasionally posts pictures of the children to his Instagram profile, however, less is seen of Katie.


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