Meet Hunter March - Netflix's Sugar Rush host on Instagram!

Netflix really seems to be broadening its horizons in 2019. First, we had glass-blowing TV show Blown Away and now a series purely based on baking is available to watch on the streaming service called Sugar Rush.

Sugar Rush sees pairs of bakers go head to head each week to create masterpieces for the sweet-toothed!

The panel of judges has their say after tasting the contestants’ sweet treats which includes Candance Nelson and Adriano Zumbo. Each week a different guest judge is also part of the panel, ensuring the show has three judges every episode.

Hunter March is the host of the show bringing his energy, support and fun to the cooking show. So, who is Hunter March? Now, you can meet the dashing host of Netflix’s Sugar Rush on Instagram!

Screen Shot: Sugar Rush – Netflix

Who is Hunter March?

Although it may come as a surprise, Hunter is just 28 years old. The youthful-looking host was born on April 5th 1991. He currently lives in LA and dabbles in all things media and TV!

Hunter is probably most recognised for work with AwesomenessTV and Emogenius on Game Show Network. He is the grandson of former game show host Hal March who was best known for presenting the US gameshow The $64,000 Question.

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Hunter March’s career – College dropout to Sugar Rush

On Hunter’s LinkedIn profile he writes that he didn’t manage to graduate from college. He put: “Almost got a degree, didn’t make it past general classes”.

However, that obviously didn’t hinder Hunter too much as he lists his jobs as the host of Nightly Pop on E! Entertainment and Netflix’s Sugar Rush on his profile, too.

He’s also a host and executive producer for AwesomenessTV and even wrote a self-help book for teens. Hunter is the author of ‘TBH: 51 True Story Collabs”.

Hunter lists himself as a “host, author and pioneer” on his website.

Sugar Rush: Meet Hunter on Instagram

Of course, being media-savvy, Hunter’s bound to have a massive following on social media.

He has around 130,000 followers on Instagram and a further 46,000 on Twitter. (@HunterMarch)

Distractify reported that Hunter started out his career on YouTube. He still has a channel going at the moment with almost 400,000 subscribers.

His Insta pics often see Hunter shirtless and showing off his great beard. The TV host almost certainly doesn’t have any issue with the ladies. And in regard to his love life, it looks as though Hunter had a girlfriend in 2018 but the pair are no longer together.




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