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Screen Shot: Kailyn and Rico - MTV, Game of Clones S1E3

Meet Kailyn Lowry's Quavo lookalike on Instagram - Rico Hund, the Game of Clones hunk

On Thursday night’s (March 8th) episode of Game of Clones, Kailyn Lowry finally chose one of the remaining three Quavo lookalikes.

Her choice? None other than Rico Hundo.

Throughout the episode, Kailyn doubted Ricos’ intentions after he confessed that his relationships don’t always last particularly long.

Eventually, however, she surprised everyone when she chose Rico – so, what’s next for Kailyn and Rico’s relationship goals?

Screen Shot: Kailyn Lowry – MTV, Game of Clones S1E3

Has Kailyn learned from her past?

As seen on her time on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, Kailyn has many trust issues – especially with the ones that know how to talk their way around her.

She brought her best friend, Becky Hayter, onto Game of Clones to help get to know the remaining Quavo lookalikes – Jalen, Rico, and Lorenzo.

Becky’s opinion was to stay away from Rico at all cost, as he reminded her of Kailyn’s baby daddies.

Despite this, after Kailyn’s date with Rico and the aura reader, she realized that Rico may be a sweet talker but he’s got good intentions at heart.

Screen Shot: Kailyn and Rico – MTV, Game of Clones S1E3

Who is the Quavo lookalike, Rico Hundo?

Rico is from New Jersey, where he models and makes music for a living.

The 25-year-old uploads all of his music onto the website Soundcloud, which you can find under the name Rico Hundo.

He has music videos on YouTube under Rico Hundo as well.

Rico also has over 58,000 followers on Instagram at @rico_hundo.

Here are some of Rico’s best Instagram photos!



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