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Screen Shot: Miko - MTV, Game of Clones S1E4

Meet Nicole Zanatta's final three Ciara lookalikes from Game of Clones - Miko, Tiera and Kaba!

Game of Clones episode 4 aired on Thursday (March 14th) and hit fans with a major shock.

Nicole Zanatta attempted to find her one and only amidst a sea of Ciara lookalikes. However, in the fourth episode, she left us on a cliffhanger.

She spoke to her triplet sister, Samantha, confessing that she has a tendency to choose women who are in fact straight.

Let’s take a look at the remaining Ciara clones – Miko Rounds, Tiera McCullough and Kabba.

Screen Shot: Kabba, Mik0, and Tiera – MTV, Game of Clones S1E4

Ciara Game of Clones: Miko Rounds

This Ciara lookalike is as creative as the actual Ciara.

Miko is not only a photographer but also a model.

You can also always find Miko writing inspirational posts on her Instagram.

Instagram: @miko_rounds

Reality Titbit lookalike score: 4/10

Game of Clones: Tiera  McCullough

The South Carolina native is currently living in Los Angeles.

That’s a long way home from home!

She is a bartender at Twin Peaks Restuarant and almost 27 years old.

Instagram: @tieralyshonda_

Reality Titbit lookalike score: 4/10

Screen Shot: Tiera – MTV, Game of Clones S1E4

Ciara Game of Clones: Kaba

Kaba is the creative one of the group as she is aspiring to become an actress.

She has done some commercials like for Miracle Whip and Epiduo.

Besides acting in a few commercials, Kaba has also done a few small indie modeling gigs.

Instagram: @kabafornialove

Reality Titbit lookalike score: 4/10

Screen Shot: Kaba – MTV, Game of Clones S1E4



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