Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard cast includes a group of 11 friends making a vacation to a historical Oak Bluffs area, MV. From Playboy Bunnies to an attorney called Preston Mitchum, Reality Titbit has the line-up.

Bravo revealed on March 30 that a spin-off of Summer House would begin on May 7, and dropped a seriously juicy trailer. Four of the Martha’s Vineyard cast are former Playboy Bunnies and one star is a flight attendant.

With some being newbies to the area and others life-long veterans, it’s going to be just as dramatic as Bravo‘s other reality shows, such as Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Let’s meet the MV cast.

Nicholas “Nick” Arrington

Nicholas joins the Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard cast from New York. He works as a sports brand manager and often styles grooms for their weddings, but when it comes to his own, he says his future wife must be in shape.

He also wants his wife to have a skincare routine that matches his own. As a self-proclaimed romantic, he loves hard and has high standards when it comes to dating. In his spare time though, he usually goes on runs!

You can find him on Instagram at @nickarrington1.

Jasmine Ellis Cooper

Jasmine is a former Playboy Bunny, also from New York. Born in the Midwest and raised in Atlanta, she’s a screenwriter joining Summer House: MV who recently wed co-star Silas after meeting him on Hinge.

After moving to the hustle and bustle of New York, Jasmine lived out of her car with her best friend, Mariah, and after six months moved into an apartment that she shared with Jason.

Her Instagram is @jasmineelliscooper.

Silas Cooper

Silas is Jasmine’s wife and a first-generation Liberian American. He currently resides in New York and is super motivated for success, having attended Ivy League schools alongside being a member of prestigious fraternities.

The MV cast member works in finance and when he’s not crunching numbers, he’s an officer in the Army Reserve. Always down for a good time, he has been a regular on the Vineyard for the past seven years.

Follow him on Instagram at @callmecooper_.

Jordan Emanuel

Jordan was the fourth Black Playmate of the Year when she was a Playboy Bunny. She runs a nonprofit, hosts a podcast, and DJs, all while working on a swim line, and met Jasmine when she posed for the modeling firm.

The Summer House Martha’s Vineyard star is the life of the party who’s always down to try something new and involves herself in all the drama. In her spare time, she vibes to three things: music, food, and fashion!

Jordan’s Instagram is @jordy_jor.

Bria Fleming

Bria is from Germany and works as a fashion entrepreneur. After her boyfriend swept her off her feet at the Cannes Film Festival, Bria recently moved from New York City to Germany, where he resides.

She’s besties with co-star Shanice and therefore is planning to spend the entire summer with her and the group. She was in Europe last year and missed out on the Martha’s Vineyard vacation – not in 2023 though!

Shanice Henderson

Shanice is from Phoenix, Arizona, and is part of the Playboy Bunny gang. She is very close with Bria as they were bunnies together back in the day along with Jordan and Jasmine.

She has extremely high standards when it comes to dating — men must be tall and athletic. While she’s healing from her last relationship and working through attachment issues, Shanice is ready to meet her future husband this summer.

Follow Shanice on Instagram at @shanicehenderson_.

Amir Lancaster

Amir, from Austin, Texas, is an up-and-coming real estate tycoon. He is biracial with Black and Lebanese roots and was raised by his Lebanese family. Now, Amir is on a mission to connect with his African-American heritage.

When Nick invited him out to Martha’s Vineyard, he jumped on the opportunity. The Summer House MV cast member is ready to put in the work and find the one worth bringing home to his mom, with whom he is extremely close.

Follow Amir on Instagram at @_amirlancaster_.

Jason Lyke

Jason is from New York but regularly travels as a senior flight attendant for one of the top airlines. Often serving celebrity clients, he’s seriously work-driven and is also an entrepreneur with projects like skincare and beard oils. 

Born and raised in Chicago, Jason is very close to Jasmine as they were roommates when she met Silas. While he tends to be the counselor for his friend group, he often finds himself at the center of the drama. 

He can be found on social media at @jdlyke.

Preston Mitchum

Preston, who already boasts over 11K followers on Instagram, is from Washington, DC. The attorney usually packs up with work and heads into the city to socialize, but his talents don’t end there.

He is also an activist and adjunct professor, and has appeared in cable news shows as a contributor. Preston has been loved-up with partner Donald, who he has been with for two years.

Summer Marie Thomas

Summer, from Los Angeles, California, comes from a Jamaican family but was raised in Pasadena. Her love of writing brought her to Sundance in 2019 where she met Jasmine, and the two have been friends ever since.

As Summer pursues a career in screenwriting, she is currently a production coordinator for a boutique production company in Los Angeles while she films and pitches out her first script. Now, she needs a vacation!

You can follow Summer at @summermariethomas.

Alex Tyree

Alex is friends with Jasmine from their days as creatives in the Brooklyn circle, and he’s fraternity brothers with Nick. The artist, creative director, and music curator never forgets his daily journalling and meditation.

The Summer House Martha’s Vineyard cast member grew up in a religiously sheltered environment, which led him to explore beyond those bounds at a later age. Now, he’s ready to meet a romantic partner.

Follow Alex at @alextyree on Instagram.


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