With the world of politics in uproar, there couldn’t be a better time for members of the public to try their luck at leading the country – so let’s meet the contestants in new Channel 4 reality show Make Me Prime Minister.

Make Me Prime Minister will see 12 contestants from the world of politics take on campaign challenges, with Alistair Campbell and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi judging their performance. The show will follow a similar format to The Apprentice – and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Before the show kicks off, perhaps literally, let’s meet the 12 hopeful – and very opinionated – contestants.

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Meet the contestants of Make Me Prime Minister


Up first is 61-year-old marketing consultant Adam, from Suffolk, who reckons he would make a great leader and describes himself as “compassionate, realistic, patriotic and honest”.

With political leanings that are “progressive, left of centre”, Adam says he’ll cast “any vote to keep the Tories out”.


Alice is one of the youngest contestants at just 20 years old. From London, she describes herself as “socially very conservative”. However she feels the current Conservative Party “often prioritises profit and big business over the people”.

Studying classics at Oxford, Alice is a staunch Brexiteer who grew up in an agnostic family but converted to Catholicism at the age of 18. Margaret Thatcher is her political hero.

Alice Make Me Prime Minister
Picture from Channel 4 Press Pack


Caroline is a 55-year-old hairdresser from Buckinghamshire. She is an Extinction Rebellion member who doesn’t identify with any party in particular but says, if she were to lean in any direction, “it would be towards the Green Party”.

The former science teacher was introduced to her first protest by her eldest daughter in 2019 and has been arrested four times, making “a deal with herself” to do her part in tackling climate change.


Conall is another of the younger contestants at just 24. He is a paralegal from Belfast and is also a TikTok star.

He believes the current UK government is a “shambles”. As an Irishman, he is fed up with people asking whether he votes Labour or Tory without mentioning any other parties.


Danny is a 37-year-old venue operator from London who doesn’t back any party in particular but says he “calls out the Tories more”. He adds:

Labour aren’t in charge so I’m not going to spend as much time talking about them – I’ll deal with them later.

Danny Make Me Prime Minister
Picture from Channel 4 Press Pack


23-year-old Darius is an entrepreneur and charity fundraiser from London who is originally from Afghanistan.

The wanna-be politician stood in elections for Hounslow Council as a Conservative candidate, having supported the party since the age of 18.


Holly is a former footballer and sports agent. Aged 29, she wants to try her luck in the world of politics.

Holly identifies with Labour but admits she hasn’t been “completely happy with the party and where it’s going”. However, she would still vote for them.

Holly Make Me Prime Minister
Picture from Channel 4 Press Pack


Jackie is one of the oldest contestants at 63 and hails from Shropshire.

Jackie is chief officer of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils. She is best known for being angrily told she had “no authority” during a Zoom meeting in December 2020 that went viral on social media.


Kelly is a 25-year-old equality and diversity inclusion manager from Edinburgh.

A former Miss University Great Britain 2020 finalist, Kelly considers her political leanings to be “very much to the left”. She is passionate about disability rights, inclusion and equality after being diagnosed with autism and ADHD last year.


36-year-old Natalie is a medical communications director from Manchester.

Natalie is “independent but left-leaning” when it comes to politics and believes the national curriculum is outdated and needs refreshing to suit each child rather than a blanket approach.


Rico is a 30-year-old diversity consultant from London and is extremely passionate about campaigning for black and LGBTQ+ rights.

He has previously spoken in Parliament and the mayor of London’s office. As for his political leanings, he says he’s “Labour but more about a cause and fighting for minority groups”.

Rico Make Me prime Minister
Picture from Channel 4 Press Pack


Radio Times reports 22-year-old restaurant supervisor Verity hails from Brighton. Verity says she grew up in a family that loved to debate politics and is infuriated by the lack of female voices.

She has taken part in Black Lives Matter, equality and climate change protests and wants to ensure Parliament has an equal percentage of the UK’s diverse communities.


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