Miz and Mrs: When is season 3? Air date and ratings explored!

Miz and Mrs: When is season 3? Air date and ratings explored!

Viewers have been given two seasons, which focus on a relationship in the wrestling world – Miz and Mrs. So, when is season 3 coming out?

Married couple Maryse Oullet and The Miz allowed cameras to follow their lives for season 2, which aired from January 2020.

Alongside guiding superstars to success – including her husband – we were given an insight into how Maryse and The Miz became first-time parents.

So, when is the Miz and Mrs season 3 air date? What were the season 2 ratings like? We have all the information you need to know below.

Screenshot: Maryse meets with the founders of Volition Beauty: Miz and Mrs., April 12, 2021, WWE YouTube

Miz and Mrs: Season 2 ratings

Miz and Mrs had a total of 6.119 million viewers, for an average of 470,692 viewers per episode, across the first 13 episodes.

The season 2 finale was also incredibly successful, bringing in 551,000 viewers and ranked as #33 on the Cable Top 150.

Scoring a 0.17 demo rating in the finale, it comes after the show scored a 0.26 rating in the 18-49 demographic, with 706,000 viewers.

The numbers have increased by 53% and 28% after the December 17th, 2020, midseason finale!

When is Miz and Mrs season 3?

  • December 2021

Miz and Mrs has not confirmed exactly when the third season will be coming on our screens, but it is likely to be in several months.

Usually, when a series brings in high ratings, it is renewed for another season. There was only a five month gap from season 1 to season 2.

There was a slight pause in season 2, from March 2020 to November 2020, when episodes came to a close with a midseason finale.

Luckily for fans, the USA Network hasn’t let us go more than eight months without a Miz and Mrs episode, so we could have a new season by October.

What can we expect in season 3?

The first two seasons, which saw Maryse and The Miz become parents to Monroe, and later to Madison.

So, it’s likely that their daughters will be much older, and possibly start to ask questions about their wrestling-focused lifestyle.

Like previous seasons, guests from the WWE championships may make an appearance, giving us a glimpse into the wrestling world.

Maryse’s job will also be followed, as she guides WWE stars along their way.



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