Mark Ramsey’s moonshine distilling talents air on TV every Wednesday night, and the huge income he gets from making the liquor is no joke.

Usually seen on Moonshiners with buddy Digger, the business partner duo have turned what could have just been a hobby into a full-time job.

They brought their recipe of talents to Sugarlands Distilling Company, an award-winning spirit business based in the Great Smoky Mountains.

The evergrowing net worth accumulated by Mark is now even bigger than it has ever been, largely due to his Discovery salary and distilling job.

Mark Ramsey’s Moonshiners career

Mark grew up exploring the woods of East Tennessee, and has been into Moonshining since he was a young man.

He has never known anything different, as he was introduced to a moonshining expert growing up, and quickly learned the trade.

Through hands-on experience, Mark began working as a still builder for late legend moonshiner Popcorn Sutton, who died in 2009.

He then took the distilling job to the big screen when joining Moonshiners in 2013, where he is seen working with best friend Digger Manes.

Together, they work for Sugarlands Distillery Company, where they bring recipes like their Apple Fizz to the business.

What is Mark’s net worth?

Mark has a net worth of $300,000 in 2021, like his partner Digger.

Dedicating his life to preserving traditional moonshine while rolling out new flavors and brewing techniques seems to be working in his favor.

Most of Mark’s income comes from the reality show, but their distilling talents certainly bring in the bucks!

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His whopping salary from Discovery

Mark may not appear on every episode, but for each one that he does debut in, he reportedly gets $5,000 in his bank account from Discovery.

Fans were worried when Mark and Digger weren’t present for the beginning of season 11, but relaxed when they turned up recently.

So basically, he does the job he does for a living anyway, but allows cameras to film him for around an extra $50,000 per season!



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