The Kardashian clan are known for their extravagant baby bashes and it seems like more may be on the horizon as Kourtney and her new hubby, Travis, have decided to focus on adding another little one to their family as they start IVF treatment. 

The 42-year-old Kardashian is undergoing IVF to get pregnant and is taking the process “seriously” according to an exclusive source at Us Weekly.

Reality Titbit has all the details on the new IVF announcement as well as the source revealing that we will apparently get to witness their journey on the new Kardshaian series. 

E60: ‘The Paterno Legacy’ | Official Trailer | ESPN

E60: ‘The Paterno Legacy’ | Official Trailer | ESPN
Kourtney Kardashian. Picture:Kourtney & Travis Chemistry Was ALWAYS There | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kourtney and Travis are undergoing IVF

A source exclusively told Us Weekly that Kourtney is planning on adding a fourth child to the clan, saying that “Travis is fully supporting her every step of the way.”

The source also said that their journey with IVF has helped to affirm their love and bond with one another and said it has brought them “even closer” together.

Apparently, Kourtney is choosing to undergo the treatment now as “she feels like she’s almost at the cut-off age of having kids, so this is almost like her last chance.”

We will get to see their IVF journey in the new series

The new Kardashian series launched on Hulu today and aside from getting to see the creation of Travis and Kourtney as an item will also get to see their IVF journey.

The couple apparently faced some issues early on in the process but have chosen to share their special journey with fans with the source saying:

Her relationship with Travis was filmed so it was important for her to also share her pregnancy journey. They’re very committed to each other and raising their kids as a blended family but are hoping to have a child together.

Anonymous, Us Weekly

Kourtney and Travis’s “Happily Ever After” moment

The couple are adorable and have become a pop culture obsession in the recent months and things got even cuter after the Oscars when, as we swipe through Kourtney’s post, we can see the two tried to recreate Cinderella’s storyline with a #KRAVIS twist.

In the photos, Travis and Kourtney look happily in love as he puts on Kourtney’s heel. The action mimics the iconic moment in the fairytale between Cinderella and the prince. Meanwhile, the 42-year-old is wearing her glitzy diamond engagement ring and a stunning classic black strapless dress. Her outfit matches Travis’ all-black suit.


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