My 600-lb Life: Where are Allen and Vianey now? Post-filming weight loss update!

My 600-lb Life: Where are Allen and Vianey now? Post-filming weight loss update!

Allen and Vianey starred on TLC’s My 600-lb Life, as cameras followed their weight loss journey. So, where are they now?

Weighing more than 600 pounds, the couple – who were in a co-dependent relationship – decided they wanted to become healthier together.

With hopes to lose enough weight to qualify for surgery, Allen and Vianey allowed cameras to get a sneak peek into how they tackled the challenge.

So, where are Allen and Vianey now? What happened after the show?

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Who are Allen and Vianey?

Allen and Vianey are a couple who each weighed around 600 lbs when they first appeared on the TLC series.

While Vianey weighed 594 pounds, Allen was heavier at 648 pounds.

Their love and passion for food is what first brought them together, after Vianey started overeating when her mother body-shamed her.

She became bedbound, with Allen having to look after her, despite not being completely mobile himself.

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Allen and Vianey’s weight loss journey

They both decided to try and lose weight with hopes to undergo surgery, following fears that they might die if they didn’t.

Allen and Vianey started to follow Dr. Now’s strict diet, however Allen decided not to completely get rid of junk food due to his fear of falling into a depression – which he had before.

Instead, he cut down on snacking until they were only left with the food they were instructed to eat.

Allen ended up losing 130 pounds, with Vianey dropping 120, meaning they were both given the go-ahead for surgery.

While Allen had the procedure, Vianey ‘s heart stopped during the surgery, which meant that Dr. Now had to stop the operation.

Where are Allen and Vianey now?

Allen and Vianey recently celebrated 11 years since the first day they met!

They were seen losing more weight on the series, with Allen going from 648 to 376 pounds, and Vianey dropping to 368 lbs.

Since then, they have now collectively lost 500 pounds and look significantly different in pictures.

Allen recently trimmed his beard, while Vianey has joined a three-month programme which focuses on physical and spiritual wellbeing.



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