My 600-lb Life: Where is Brianne now? Post-filming updates on TLC star!

Brianne featured on TLC’s My 600-lb Life, as she tried to improve her life and drop the pounds. Where is she now on her weight loss journey?

She is one of several stars who allow cameras into their lives, when they decide to pay Dr. Now a visit – with hopes that he can help them lose weight.

Usually showcasing people who weigh more than 600 pounds, the TLC series delves into their backgrounds to find out the cause of their obesity.

So, where is My 600-lb Life’s Brianne now? Did she continue to lose weight? We’ve got the latest update on her journey here…

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Who is Brianne Dias?

Brianne first appeared on My 600-lb Life in 2018, hoping to lose weight.

When stepping on the scales back then, she weighed 787 pounds.

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The 33-year-old revealed her weight issues started when her siblings came into the world, which left her feeling like her family ignored her.

Her father, a member of the air force, started to become strict towards Brianne and didn’t like her weight, which affected her mentally.

She then turned to food for comfort, and gained weight, leading to a downward spiral on her health.

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Brianne’s journey on My 600-lb Life

Brianne reached 450 pounds at 20 years old, which continued to increase.

By the time she had gone to Dr. Now for help, she weighed more than 700 pounds and her father had cut off ties with her.

Dr. Now told her that if she did not lose weight, she could be bedbound for life, which gave Brianne the motivation to follow a strict health routine.

Hoping to be approved for weight loss surgery, Brianne ended up losing lost 382 pounds while following Dr. Now’s health program.

She then got the go-ahead to have weight loss surgery!

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Where is Brianne now?

Brianne has significantly continued to lose weight, which is clear to see in her latest Instagram pictures.

She recently divorced from her husband Rick of 14 years, announcing to her fans that signing the papers was the “worst day of her life”.

Reports state that Rick cheated on her with an old friend, and that he was spotted with Jamie Moon in Oregon, while Brianne was away in Texas.

During the recent update of Brianne on TLC, she revealed that she had been pregnant, and had gone through a miscarriage.

It looks like she is also thinking about applying for singing competition The Voice, and asked her followers if they would vote for her.



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