Last night’s episode (January 20th) of My 600-lb Life followed the weight loss journey of Cindy Vela. Where is she now?

Since its premiere in 2012, the TLC series My 600-lb Life has featured emotional stories of people who want to lose weight with the help of Dr. Now and his health program.

In episode 4 of the new series on Wednesday (January 20th) viewers learned all about Cindy Vela and how she decided to sign up on the program.

So, where is Cindy now? We did some digging to find out what happened with the TLC star after her appearance.

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My 600-lb Life: Who is Cindy Vela?

Cindy Vela is 45 years old and comes from Portland, Texas. According to her Facebook profile, she studied at Gregory-Portland High School.

Cindy lives with her caretaker Denise who helps her with day-to-day activities such as eating, cleaning up and showering.

The TLC star revealed that she started binge-eating at a young age after she was sexually assaulted by a family friend. She weighed 140 pounds at the age of 10 and was 200 pounds when she was 14 years old.

She continued gaining weight after her parents divorced. By the age of 30, she weighed 500 pounds.

“When I wake up, I try not to think about my life and how bad things are,” she said on My 600-lb Life. “But it’s hard to do that with my body, which hurts all the time because it’s breaking down. And I don’t feel like I’m even living anymore…I’m trapped in this bed pretty much all day, every day.”

Screenshot – Cindy Must Lose 70 Pounds in One M…

What happened with Cindy on My 600-lb Life?

Cindy’s former caretaker Sandy encouraged her to seek the help of Dr. Now. She was put on a strict diet and physiotherapy program and she had the aim to lose 70 pounds.

However, the TLC episode revealed that Cindy managed to shed only 40 pounds of her original goal.

She did, however, say that she learned a lot from the program and that she will try to “implement” this knowledge going forward.

“I’ll find a way to get better and change my life and have a new life. And I’m still very much looking forward to that,” Cindy added.

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Where is Cindy Vela now?

In a social media post from March 4th, 2020, Cindy wrote that she was “in the hospital” and explained in the comments that she “had [an] infection and my oxygen is low.”

But her recent Facebook posts don’t reveal if she has continued her weight loss transformation. Her last post is from January 3rd this year which includes a motivational quote that says: “Passion is the journey inward.. Purpose is the journey overcoming the fear.. Know Freedom and Leave Your Legend.”

So perhaps she is still on her weight loss journey and she might reveal more about that in the near future.



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