Justin Assanti is playing on My 600-lb Life fans’ minds, despite it being years since his weight loss journey was followed on the TLC series.

He appeared on the show alongside his brother Steven, as they tried to lose the pounds and change their lives forever.

During season five, Justin made a visit to Dr. Now with hopes to go from over 600 pounds, to losing enough weight to qualify for surgery.

So where is Justin Assanti now? Did he keep the weight down post-show?

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Who is Justin Assanti?

Justin grew up with older brother Steven, who also appeared on the show.

During his childhood, Justin’s mum was an alcoholic, and she had a difficult relationship with his father, which led to him “facing a lot of abuse”.

When Justin was five years old, his parents separated, and him and Steven went to live with his mom and her boyfriend.

Store owner Justin said that their mom would leave food out for them, and that Steven would “gobble it down” before he could eat any.

He added that he turned to food as a result of his mum being an alcoholic.

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Justin Assanti’s weight loss journey

While appearing on My 600-lb Life in 2017, the Assanti brothers were kicked out of Dr. Now’s office.

They had visited him for help to lose weight, and were both advised to follow a strict diet regime to qualify for weight loss surgery.

Steven had tried to get the doctor’s staff to help his painkiller addiction.

Justin pulled out of Dr. Now’s care when Steven stole his painkillers in 2017.

He also revealed that he was bullied by his brother Steven.

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Where is Justin Assanti now?

Justin lost enough weight to get gastric bypass surgery in 2019.

During the show, he was the owner of Hobby Haven on Rhode Island, which he still takes care of the store today, having grown its inventory.

Justin’s relationship with his brother was rocky, and he decided to return to Rhode Island with the intention of never speaking to Steven again.

They are still not speaking today, despite their father’s efforts to get them to speak again by scheduling their doctor’s appointments at the same time.

He is currently single, according to his Facebook profile.



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