Shannon Lowery from My 600-lb Life has been sharing meal updates on her Facebook profile – following her recent appearance on TLC.

Her journey aired on the series on Wednesday March 3rd, as she decided to try to improve her life and drop the pounds on the scale.

Weighing at least 600 pounds, Shannon took a trip to visit Dr. Now, in the hopes that he could help her start her weight loss programme.

So, where is Shannon now? Did she get weight loss surgery? Let’s have a look at her recent social media updates…

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Who is Shannon Lowery?

Shannon, from Tuscon, Arizona, was living in a nursing home.

That is until she met her now-husband Simon of 10 years, which meant she could leave the home, with him as her caregiver.

She thought this wasn’t fair for him, and decided to try to improve her life.

Weighing 748 lbs at almost 40 years old, Shannon said the last ten years is when her eating habits have been the worst.

Shannon’s story on My 600-lb Life

Shannon’s appearance on the TLC series isn’t the first time she has attempted to lose weight.

When her father got gastric bypass surgery, she tried to go on the same liquid diet he was asked to follow, but said she failed.

She revealed it was because food is too important to her, with her dad saying he has tried to help his daughter, who he loves very much.

Shannon travelled to meet Dr. Now, but had to stay in hospital for more than two weeks, and ended up losing 70 pounds.

When leaving the hospital, she was then asked to lose 150 pounds in the next two months, but ended up gaining the 70 pounds she initially lost.

However, Shannon was then seen going to the gym, and managed to get her weight down to 698 pounds.

Dr. Now didn’t approve Shannon for weight loss surgery, but sent her off to continue working towards dropping the pounds.

Where is Shannon Lowery now?

Despite not hitting her goal weight by the end of her 600-lb Life episode, it looks like she is sticking to the healthy meal plan.

She has continued to work with a personal trainer, as seen on the show, and is continuing to follow a low-calorie diet, which she regularly shares online.

It looks like she is planning to move house soon, which is likely to be the move to Texas she spoke about on the series, with her husband Simon.

Shannon wrote on Facebook that she is “so used to eating small amounts now”, hinting that she may be well on her way to getting surgery.

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