Thederick Barnes from My 600-lb Life had become housebound from eating. So what happened to him? Did he follow Dr. Now’s programme?

He is part of the TLC series, which follows the weight loss journey of a group of people who weigh over 600 pounds.

As they are enrolled in a fitness regime which lasts a year, they are challenged to their limits. Thederick’s story was shared on January 6th.

So where is Thederick on his weight loss journey now? Here’s your update!

Screenshot: Thederick, Verified Ice Cream for Breakfast, TLC Instagram

Who is Thederick Barnes?

Thederick, 32, stars on My 600-lb Life, as a housebound man who exercises when he goes outside to greet the ice cream van.

He said he struggles to get up and move, and to catch his breath.

According to TLC, he is addicted to food, and is seen going on to eat two pizzas and chicken wings, after making an order from the ice cream van.

For 10 years, he has only left home when the ice cream van arrives.

Thederick Barnes’ weight loss journey

Thederick was inspired to lose weight after he had a hospital scare.

Dr Now, from My 600-Lb Life, has given him a programme to follow, and Thederick thinks that if it doesn’t work, then nothing else will.

He has always struggled with his weight. His great grandmother died when he was 5, which is where his food addiction began.

Thederick was up to 400 pounds at 18 years old, and was bullied.

When visiting Dr Now, Thederick said he was going to do whatever he was told, and would work hard to eat healthy, with an aim to lose 80 pounds in 1 month to eventually qualify for weight loss surgery.

On the day of surgery, it was found that Thederick had a weak heart, meaning it was too risky for him to go through with it – and the doctor asked him to lose more weight by himself.

He went on to lose 125 lbs, making him go down to 615 lbs in total. Thederick also started going out more often.

Although he did say he didn’t know if he would ever give up the ice cream…

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Where is Thederick Barnes now?

Looking at Thederick’s Instagram, he continues to regularly go outside.

It also appears that he has kept his weight loss journey going, with many fans of My 600-lb Like rooting for him on his Instagram.

The latest post was uploaded just one week ago, where Thederick looks happy and healthy – he also thanked fans who left comments.

He is also sticking to his word of seeing people more, such as his cousin.



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