My Feet Are Killing Me: What is tree man syndrome? Sebastian Quinn updates!
Screenshot: Sebastian Quinn, My Feet Are Killing Me, TLC Australia YouTube

My Feet Are Killing Me: What is tree man syndrome? Sebastian Quinn updates!

Tree man syndrome is treated on TLC’s My Feet Are Killing Me, which kickstarted the third season. We can reveal what tree man is.

Dr. Brad Schaeffer and Dr. Ebonie Vincent help patients who have feet conditions, with hopes to change their lives – and toes – forever.

Sebastian Quinn was a patient who headed to the clinic for help, presenting feet with tree man syndrome, which reminded Dr Vincent of a famous case.

Viewers have been asking for updates on Sebastian, as well as exactly what tree man is. Reality Titbit explored the famous case Vincent spoke about.

What is tree man syndrome?

  • Tree man syndrome is a skin disorder, which results in growth of scaly macules and papules resembling tree bark

The condition is known in the medical world as Epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV), and is an extremely rare hereditary skin disorder.

It usually grows on the hands and feet, and is thought to be typically associated with HPV types 5 and 8 – which are found in 80% of the normal population as asymptomatic infections.

Sometimes seen in cases on My Feet Are Killing Me, the syndrome usually affects people between 1-20, but it can be present in middle age.

What case was Dr. Vincent referring to?

  • Dede Koswara, known as ‘Tree Man’, had the EV syndrome

He was an Indonesian carpenter who was known for having the condition.

Dede, who received criticism for having an unknown disease for years, was not given multiple treatments until much later on.

Through to early childhood, he had been healthy, until he started developing warts around an injured knee at the age of ten.

They then grew onto his limbs and face. He was unable to afford treatment for the disease and had tried to remove one of the larger warts.

However, the wart eventually regrew, with all of them continuing to grow uncontrollably. This eventually limited his movements until he became dependent on others for daily routines.

He died aged 45 due to complications with a weakened immune system.

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Where is Sebastian Quinn now?

Sebastian had huge, tree bark-like warts on his feet, which were diagnosed as tree man syndrome on My Feet Are Killing Me.

He has a gene mutation, meaning his immune system is weak enough to allow these growths to grow all over his body.

Following a visit to Dr. Vincent, he had his feet surgically re-sculptured.

From Pittsburgh, the TLC patient is still loved-up with girlfriend Desiree, who went along with him to his clinic appointment.

He has not been able to get a job since he was 17, and is not looking for work during the COVID-19 pandemic because he’s so high risk.

Sebastian appears to be enjoying life in Pittsburgh, from heading to the local park to retro arcade stores. He usually keeps his feet hidden.



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