Storage Wars: What is Nabila's ethnicity? Roots and net worth explored!

Nabila is known for purchasing Paris Hilton’s unit, and appears on A&E’s Storage Wars. So, it’s no wonder fans want to know all about her.

The star has been putting bids down on storage units since as far back as 2011, and ten years on, fans continue to be in awe of her success.

If you love a bargain, then Storage Wars may be the show for you. It involves bidding, buying and selling in wild auction battles in California.

Nabila has become a successful bargain hunter on the show. Let’s find out where she grew up, and who she may have got her successful genes from.

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Who is Nabila Hannis?

Nabila is a storage unit buyer and cast member on Storage Wars.

She made her name in the storage business after buying a unit which contained items belonging to socialite Paris Hilton.

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Nabila is thought to have sold the Paris Hilton locker for $10 million.

Although Nabila was a non-regular buyer at the auctions at first, she appears to have continued to make appearances throughout the seasons.

She also secured a bid on another unit, which was once owned by social media personality Tila Tequila.

Storage Wars: What is Nabila’s ethnicity?

  • Nabila is Egyptian

While she was originally born in Culver City, California, Nabila confirmed on her Instagram that her parents are both Egyptian.

The Storage Wars star was born into a second-generation American family, on October 22, 1965. This would make her 55 years old today [June 16].

A fan asked Nabila: “Nabila. If you don’t mind me asking. Where are you or your parents originally from? My wife and I have a bet. I say Lebanon or Egypt. Or am I totally off.”

She responded: “Not at all…..Egypt, would be correct!!”

Inside Nabila’s roots and background

Nabila doesn’t share much of her family and personal life on social media, but she has posted a profile picture alongside her father.

One of her friends commented: “Great photo, Nabila. Dad is a dapper man.”

She agreed with the comment, but later changed her profile picture. Now, she has a sticker in support of Donald Trump, which covers her father.

Nabila doesn’t share too much about her background, but it’s possible that she may open up about it on Storage Wars!



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