Naked and Afraid of Love: Filming location  of Discovery show explored
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Naked and Afraid of Love: Filming location of Discovery show explored

We’ve already seen Naked and Afraid and Dating Naked. But, what would it be like if these two shows were brought together? Pretty much, that’s what Disney’s upcoming series, Naked and Afraid of Love, is all about. 

As the Naked and Afraid spin-off series is nearing its premiere, viewers are curious to know where the show was filmed, as it follows singles who will have to survive the harsh conditions of wilderness while trying to find love. 

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Naked and Afraid of Love filming location explored

Over the years, we have seen Naked and Afraid contestants fight for survival in different locations across the world. The trailer for the latest series sees the participants on an Island, unlike the original series which was shot in thick forests. 

Naked and Afraid of Love was filmed earlier this year on a deserted island in the Phillippines. 

The press release for the show states: “While endless miles of white sandy beaches and clear turquoise water may seem like the perfect setting to fall in love, don’t let this Garden of Eden fool you.

“With no food, water or clothes readily available, these singles will be both physically and emotionally vulnerable and forced to depend on each other.”

The network is yet to reveal more details about the location and the amount of time it took to film the entire season. Watch this space for an update as and when they are released! 

Naked and Afraid of Love’s format explored 

The original show focused on two strangers trying to survive 21 days in the middle of wildlife and nature.

The spin-off series will see couples’ quest for love over 10 episodes. 16 stripped-down strangers will face the ultimate challenges of survival while finding a romantic partner for themselves and everything in between.

“First kisses, fights, and love triangles are on the horizon as the men and women move through the challenge and are introduced to others on the island,” the press release states. 

Bachelor in Paradise | Trailer 2021

Bachelor in Paradise | Trailer 2021

When will the series air?

Naked and Afraid of Love will be available to stream on Disney and Disney+  from August 22nd. 

Meanwhile, the show’s trailer has already caught a lot of attention as it sees the singles trying their shot at romance with strangers while bearing it all. 

From an Army veteran with a “take charge” attitude to a PhD student from Honolulu, Naked and Afraid of Love appears to feature an extremely interesting line-up of contestants! 

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