From 90 Day Fiance’s recent episode, it looks like Natalie Mordovtseva has ticked off many fans. The Ukrainian native has been on rocky grounds with her husband Mike Youngquist for some time now.

With Mike’s mom calling Natalie a hooker, in the show’s episode 10, to her dropping the bomb for her nose job appointment on Mike during a dinner with her Russian friend, it’s been a whirlwind relationship, to say the least.

At this point, the rift between the couple could not be more visible. However, the latest episode of the show has gotten many fans talking about Natalie and her plastic surgeries.

Natalie’s before and after plastic surgery pictures explored

It is no secret that the 90 Day Fiance star has been under the knife multiple times. One of her most apparent and early surgeries were the lip fillers she got.


In earlier episodes of the show’s season 8, and in the above picture we see Natalie’s lips appearing normal while in the later ones they appeared bigger than their usual size as can be seen in the pictures below.


During the season 8 tell-all in April 2021, the TLC star admitted that she was not happy with the results. At the time she revealed her desire to get a nose job in near future.

It’s not clear if she actually went ahead with it but in the show’s last episode we see that she already secured an appointment without her husband Mike’s knowledge. The American native was trying to be supportive of his wife but couldn’t hide his shock while talking to the cameras.

Natalie is yet to post pictures with her new nose on her Instagram. We believe it will likely happen after the episode airing her surgery would go live (that’s if she decides to go ahead with it).

In Instagram pictures from recent months, Natalie figure appears to be more hourglass-shaped (as seen in the above picture) than we saw her with on the show (below picture).


Fans were quick to notice something was different but couldn’t put a finger on it. However, some claimed that she had gotten her breasts done.

But, it later turned out to be liposuction. When the incessant rumour-mongering about her figure did not stop, the reality star/actress admitted to getting the surgery done during an Instagram Live.

She revealed that she underwent the surgery to get fat off her stomach, belly, and waist.

She told her followers that she gained some 20 extra pounds due to stress eating after she came to America.

Natalie also revealed undergoing liposuction on her midriff and also her chin.

Are Mike and Natalie still together?

On the show, we see that the two are on rocky grounds at the moment. However, an Intouch Weekly report claims that the two separated in March this year after less than a year of marriage.

The duo’s Instagram is also sans each other’s pictures.

All about the TLC star

As we all know by now Natalie from 90 Day Fiance is a Ukrainian native. Her social media profiles’ bio reads that she is an Actress, journalist, reality TV star. Her IMDB only lists her 90 Day Fiancé franchise gig but she was apparently in some TV shows and movies back in her home country.

The reality TV gossip account on Instagram called 187AnonymousGossipp previously shared some of Natalie’s work from her acting gigs prior. The account’s caption reads that “apparently she did a few low-budget films.”

90 Day Fiancé in 90 Seconds – Trailer

90 Day Fiancé in 90 Seconds – Trailer
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