90 Day Fiance The Other Way stars Nicole and Mahmoud Sherbiny are sharing their love story on TLC. It translates perfectly into their Instagram page, where they share their lives as a relationship that began across borders.

Their ages and Instagram have been popular topics among 90 Day Fiance viewers who have watched their relationship blossom. Nicole and Mahmoud only have a handful of photos on her Instagram, but fans are loving them.

Reality Titbit found out their age difference and Instagram profiles. It shows they are clearly happily together despite the initial issue of living miles and miles away from each other, so where are they now? Let’s look at Nicole’s Instagram.

Meet Nicole and Mahmoud

Nicole Sherbiny is married to Egypt resident Mahmoud Sherbiny, but they have argued since she arrived in his home country. He doesn’t like how she dresses as he doesn’t feel it fits in with his Muslim culture.

She wanted to know if she could start wearing short-sleeve shirts. Mahmoud grew angry that she would even ask such a thing and said it was already pushing his comfort limits for her to have refused to wear a hijab.

Mahmoud then told her to leave him before exiting the house himself, so Nicole began to pack her things for a presumed return flight home. However, she continues to live in Egypt with her fellow 90 Day Fiance star.

The two got married in Egypt. At first, they attempted to meet halfway for their long-distance marriage but have since reunited in Mahmoud’s home country, after Nicole moved back to America and asked for a divorce.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Their age

Nicole was born in 1983, which makes her 38 years old. Mahmoud is eight years younger than her at 30. “I was shopping, and I saw this super cute boy with like these big brown eyes and these big sexy muscles,” revealed Nicole.

She added: “He goes, ‘You should stay in Egypt and be my wife.'” He proposed to Nicole there and then, on the last day of her trip to Egypt while she was on a casual shopping trip, and now, they’re on TLC!

Their age difference not being far apart hasn’t been a problem for viewers, but there are some couples such as Rishi and Jen whose age gap has been heavily discussed by those watching.

Nicole and Mahmoud’s Instagram

Nicole and Mahmoud often share updates on their Egypt travels. They are usually pictured in his hometown of Giza, and often declare their love for each other on Instagram, such as Mahmoud saying he “loves that smile.”

At the end of February, Nicole commented on Mahmoud’s post, “What a fun day we had and a nice breakfast too. We should go to that rooftop cafe again ❤️.” Fans are loving their relationship, as revealed in the comments.

Mahmoud responded to his The Other Way co-star with: “Yes sweetheart we can do it 😍❤️.” And on Valentine’s Day 2023, they declared their love for each other, and more recently, went to the Giza Pyramids in March.

You can follow Nicole Sherbiny from 90 Day Fiance on Instagram below, while Mahmoud’s Instagram page is featured above. Nicole’s Instagram currently has 1.2K followers while Mahmoud has at least 776 followers.


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