Olivia Plath often appears on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville. But putting that aside, we found out the net worth, age and job of Ethan’s wife.

The Plath family have allowed cameras into their lives, which includes focusing on Ethan and Olivia’s marriage, who live away from his parents.

Now that season two is getting well underway, viewers have gotten to know Olivia Plath more, from her recent miscarriage reveal to personal life.

Some fans are now wondering what she does for a living, and what her net worth is in 2021, compared to husband Ethan Plath.

Who is Olivia Plath?

Olivia is best known for being on Welcome to Plathville, as Ethan’s wife.

The 23-year-old has been married to Ethan Plath since 2018.

Celebrating her birthday on April 5th, she has been open about her relationship with Ethan and family background on the TLC show.

Recently, she opened up to Moriah Plath about having a miscarriage in the past, and spoke to her – Ethan’s sister – about birth control.

Olivia’s household growing up was similar to the conservative values that the Plath family have, but at one point, her parents put a stop to it.

They no longer wanted to follow religion, after going to a Christian camp.

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia’s job

Olivia is a traveling, wedding, and elopement photographer.

She runs her own business, and is thought to be well-supported by her parents, who reportedly have a strong work ethic themselves.

Other roles she has on her resume include: reality tv public figure, storyteller, wife, professional traveler, and life enthusiast.

So far, she has photographed 75 weddings in 35 USA states!

For unlimited wedding photography on the day, the Welcome to Plathville star charges $3,000, or $400 for a portrait or couple photo session.

What is Olivia Plath’s net worth?

  • Olivia’s net worth is estimated at $100K.

Combined with Ethan Plath’s fortune, the married couple are thought to have an overall $500,000 net worth.

With salaries coming in from appearing on Welcome to Plathville, as well as their own jobs, it is clear they have a significant income.

Ethan is also a mechanic, and has always had an interest in machinery.



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