An Outlast reunion has been heavily talked about by the Netflix show’s producers, despite the cast, including the duo Amber and Jill, not all getting along. It would give cast members a chance to hash out their issues on-screen.

The Netflix reality competition saw 16 contestants try to survive in the wild in Alaska. And although the cast was meant to be part of a team to win the grand cash prize, they didn’t all leave as best buddies.

So, what has been said so far of an Outlast reunion for the Netflix cast? Where are cast members like Amber and Jill now? Reality Titbit has the lowdown on exactly what we can expect next for the show.

Amber Asay looks ahead wearing hat while Jill Ashock holds hand over mouth and looks at blue sky.
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Outlast reunion is in talks

An Outlast reunion is being talked about all the time, according to producer Grant Kahler. He told Newsweek in an interview that “a reunion show would be spectacular” and confirmed he had considered doing one:

Definitely, yeah. We talk about it all the time, you know, with first season shows, it’s tricky with stuff like that, you know, because you never know how it’s going to do or how it’s received.

Grant added: “They still hate each other! To this day. I keep in touch with all of them.” He also spoke of how it would be interesting to see the Outlast cast’s true reactions to the series as there is a lot they wouldn’t have seen.

Where Outlast’s Amber and Jill are now

Amber and Jill had a huge conflict with their fellow Outlast cast members. Many fans are now wondering what the two friends would say having watched the show after filming, but claim the men sabotaged them.

Neither of them has spoken to Justin since Outlast was filmed. They had joined forces with him for a while, but they didn’t see eye-to-eye. Since then, Jill has been sharing inspirational quotes and pictures on Instagram.

Amber seems to be in high spirits and is encouraging people “not to spread hate.” She wrote in a recent post: “Just a Sunday Funday reminder to not take life too seriously and if you are spreading hate on social media, just STOP.”

Netflix fans call for a reunion

Outlast viewers are eager for the cast to come back together for a reunion. With all ten episodes being uploaded onto Netflix on March 10, there’s a clear hope that a new episode will come out sometime soon.

One viewer wrote: “I hope they do a Reunion show. I would like to see what they all think now (show wrapped 2021).”

Another penned their thoughts on Twitter: “Netflix needs to do an Outlast reunion. I have so many questions… but maybe have it on zoom so nobody murders each other.”

“I just said the same thing to my husband. I want to hear what Jill and Amber have to say for themselves,” a fan agreed.


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