If you haven’t heard of Paris Lees before, then you will certainly be hearing of her on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls.

Her story is nothing short of fascinating and she is not afraid to share it.

Here are 7 must-knows about Celebrity Island’s Nottinghamshire-born Paris Lees!


1. Paris Lees Self Identified as a Gay Male in Her Teens

This stunning beauty did, in fact, identify as a gay male in her teens.

How? I hear you say.

Born a boy in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, Paris Lees was openly gay until her transition in early adulthood.

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2. Thug Life: CBB’s Paris Lees Prison Time

As open as Paris Lees is about her time spent in prison, she has in no way glorified the ordeal.

To set the record straight, we aren’t talking the next Pablo Escobar or El Pacho. Paris Lees committed a robbery while still identifying as male.

She was sent to a male prison and while spending time inside she admitted this was one of the darkest points in her life. This is when she vowed to change.

Paris said: I just thought, ‘I’m this silly teenage boy in a prison cell who has made a huge mistake and I want to be this happy person.”


3. She Put the T in LGBTQ

When Paris Lees was released from prison, she stuck to her word and took action in changing her life.

Paris made the brave decision to live as her authentic self and began her transition, identifying as female, before making her move to study English at the University of Brighton.

Sadly, at this point in her life, her grandma passed away. Paris pushed through and completed her degree in English.

She’s made of some pretty strong stuff… thus why she is also appearing in Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls!

Paris said: In the space of six weeks I went from living in Nottingham as a boy with my grandma still alive, to living in Brighton as a girl.”

4. Paris Lees’ Journey to Journalism

After graduating from the University of Brighton, Paris moved to London and took up a work experience placement at the Gay Times.

With her ambition and an entrepreneurial streak, Paris also founded the first British magazine for the Trans community called META.

She was also the first trans cover girl for Diva magazine.


5. Superhero LGBTQ Activist Paris Lees

She is not just a one trick pony – Paris is a multi-track winner.

Given Paris Lees history, it’s no wonder she became a solid activist for the LGBTQ community. Educating, discussing and fighting for the rights of her community has been a big part of her life.

She has advised on storylines for Hollyoaks as well as documentaries such as My Transsexual Summer.


6. The Ambitious Bisexual Feminist

Paris’ willpower has driven her in many directions. We have noticed she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and we have every belief we will see this in the BB house!

Paris Lees is openly bisexual and a proud feminist. Any anti-feminists in the Big Brother house – beware!

7. First Openly Transgender Woman Featured in British Vogue

If you thought Paris had ticked every box possible then maybe you forgot about her recent feature on Vogue.

Vogue put on a lavish shoot in January 2018 to celebrate 100 years since women gained the right to vote in Britain. Paris Lees was apart of it and we have to say, for all the work she has put into helping others, we are proud she was!