Fans absolutely loved watching the Great Idol Reunion special on ABC this Monday as the show celebrated its 20th anniversary. One person that audiences loved being re-introduced to was Paula Abdul, the 59-year-old singer and performer who was part of the OG Idol line-up with Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell.

Fans couldn’t help but noticed that she seemed a little off throughout the show and some audiences are wondering if she was unwell. We don’t know if she was ill during the show but we do know that she has been suffering from some serious illnesses recently and in the past that have affected her on the show many times.

Reality Titbit has all the details on her voice problems as well are her nerve condition and serious car and plane accidents.

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Paul suffers from a voice problem

Paula had to take a break from singing for years after her voice condition affected her quite severely and still affects her to this day.

Fans have noticed in the past on the show that sometimes Paula has been a little “out of it” or “hasn’t seemed right” and many people accused her of being on some sort of medication, which she was. According to an interview with Today, Abdul suffers from sleepless nights due to her voice complications and she has to take a substantial amount of medication. During the interview she said:

I’m fed up with it. I’ve never been drunk before. I’m not a drug user for pleasure. It’s a smear campaign against a person’s reputation.

Paula Abdul, Today

Paula also suffers from RSD

Paula also suffers from another serious health condition called RSD which stands for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy which is a chronic neurological disorder that can cause agonising pain.

Abdul got this after she was involved in a serious cheerleading accident when she was 17. It caused her to lose feeling in an entire side of her body and was even unable to get out of bed at one time during her career.

The singer underwent 14 surgeries and received four titanium plates in her neck. Thankfully she is no longer debilitated from the pain caused by the RSD.

Paula was also in a plane and car accident

Paula has been through the wars during her life and career and aside from her voice problems and RSD she was also involved in a very scary car accident in 1987 where she was hit by a drunk motorist and left with injuries.

Thankfully she recovered but to make matters scarier just a few years later in the early 1990’s she was injured in n emergency plane landing. Abdul was left in serious pain and was given anti-inflammatory medication, acupuncture and massages to treat her.



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