Port Protection: Who is Litzi Botello? Fans question what happened to her sons

Port Protection: Who is Litzi Botello? Fans question what happened to her sons

Litzi Botello stars on Port Protection, which follows the lives of a remote community living in an area of Alaska. So who is she?

With around 100 residents living there – in the northwest corner of Prince of Wales Island – cameras follow them while they try to survive.

Litzi Botello and the subject of her family regularly feature on Port Protection, but the question about what happened to her sons has come up.

So, who is Litzi Botello? What happened to her family?

Screenshot: Litzi Botello, Port Protection, National Geographic TV

Who is Litzi Botello?

Litzi is a 60-year-old woman living in Port Protection.

She said that people describe her as the “one-armed Mexican woman”, and has braved the challenges of the area for nearly 40 years.

The National Geographic star is good friends with Gary Muehlberger, who she regularly goes on fishing trips with and has known for years.

Litzi, from a concrete jungle in Los Angeles County, met a fisherman when she was 22, fell in love, raised two sons, and has been there ever since.

She has been a sculptor for over 20 years and has showcased her clay art at the fifth annual Artists of Ketchikan Invitational.

Having faced struggles in her life, Litzi began to create aquatic art for therapeutic reasons, after she started fishing with her husband.

Who is Litzi Botello’s husband?

  • John Bean

John and Litzi have been together for around 38 years.

The fisherman tends to go out on the water to catch food, which he usually brings back for his family to eat.

John and his son Leland were seen playing live music together, in 2014.

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What happened to Litzi Botello’s sons?

Litzi and John Botello’s two sons are called Johnny and Leland Botello.

Johnny Bean Botello, 19, sustained critical injuries following a nearly head-on collision near Klawock, in 2015.

He was on his way to work, to his job role as a fishing deckhand, when a two-vehicle collision occurred.

Litzi wrote on a Mother’s Day blog in 2019: “Both my sons were always trying to get me out hiking more. Both were avid hikers and hunters.”

Several of Litzi’s close friends and family have sent tributes on Facebook, such as: “Real bright lights can’t be extinguished. The boys were light.”



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