Project Runway launched on Thursday (March 14th) with some big changes that we’re all excited for.

From new a mentor and host to new contestants, we’re excited to see what season 17 has in store.

Project Runway’s Hester Sunshine is one of the unique addition to this season’s contestant, so here are seven of her most outrageous creations!

Screen Shot: Hester Sunshine - Bravo, Project Runway S17E1
Screen Shot: Hester Sunshine – Bravo, Project Runway S17E1

Funky berets

Hester Sunshine has a bold and unique sense of fashion; its no wonder her designs perfectly describe her.

Her berets are one of her best sellers and no wonder – look how cute they are.

They come in different colors and different designs or logos!

Bandana and scarf duos

Hester is bringing scarves and bandanas back to style, and we’re totally not against it!

She uses her scarves as a fashion statement.

They come in almost any color you can think of.

Halloween fanatic

With her funky designs, it’s no wonder Halloween would be a great selling point for her.

She worked tirelessly on these devil bonnets, and the end product did not disappoint.

We know where we’re getting our next Halloween idea.

Big bright cocktail dresses

What’s so great about Hester is that she is always looking outside the box.

Most cocktail dresses we’re used to are little black dresses that are kind of form-fitting or something similar.

With a dress like this, anyone would be the talk of the party – in a boss bitch sort of way.

A Mickey Mouse lookalike?

She describes her style as clown fashion, and though we don’t disagree, she tends to find styles from all aspirations.

Did she get this idea from Mickey Mouse?

If so, we absolutely love the creativity!

A hoppin’ bunny this Easter

Hester is unique and so is her clothing.

She made this bunny/easter outfit in four hours – maybe she’ll make another one?

A plastic Hester!

She isn’t afraid to experiment with different textures and styles and put them together.

For this look, she used two different pattern and materials and it worked so well for her.

In other words – this dress is fire!


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