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Ready to Love: Are Liz and Jason still together? 2021 update explored!

The latest season of Ready to Love has come to an end, and the reunion episode gave an insight into Liz Rachelle and Jason’s relationship. But are the couple still together?

Throughout the show, viewers got to see singles trying to find their love on the show. While there were some who managed to form a deeper connection, there were others who struggled to convince their heart. Nonetheless, one couples that constantly caught the attention of the people were Liz and Jason.

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Are Liz and Jason still together?

Yes, Liz and Jason are together. In fact, the pair have often shared pictures of each other on their social media. Recently, Liz and Jason revealed they are coming back with a reality show of their own.

The show is called Battle of the Couples. Throughout Ready to Love, fans got to see how Liz and Jason’s relationship grew stronger. Even though there were a few who doubted the pair, Liz and Jason proved to everyone that love conquers it all.

Ready to Love couple opens up about their relationship

In the reunion special, Liz and Jason shed some light on their relationship. Liz revealed one thing that she loves about Jason is his honesty. She said: “I love that about this man. That’s a character trait that you do not find these days. It is that one thing that really drew me towards him. His honesty, his consistency, his pursuit of me, and his strong spiritual groundedness, and our communication are really good. That’s what makes it work.”

Meanwhile, Jason said: “She positions herself to be pursued. A lot of times, I have run into women who do not know how to move if someone is pursuing them. With her, she is strong and she allowed me to go through this entire process and figure out what’s best for me. Even afterward, we didn’t miss a beat. We stayed the same.”

He continued: “If anything, it kinda sped up. If she is having a hard day, about the family or work, I have gone all the way.” At the same time, Jason admitted he is respectful of what Liz wants in intimacy and would not cross it.

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Everything we know about the Battle of the Couples

Last week, Liz and Jason confirmed they would be hosting a new show called Battle of the Couples. The show is set to premiere in August 2021. However, an exact date has not been confirmed yet.

As per their post, the show is set to air on OWN. The reality show will have several couples coming together to build their relationship stronger. This will be done through various competitions that help with team building.

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