Remi headed into Dr. Sandra Lee’s clinic for help in getting rid of itchy, dry skin that she has been dealing with. So, where is she now?

During the September 8th episode, TLC viewers got to know Terry and Austin, who were dealing with skin problems just like Remi.

Dr. Pimple Popper uncovered Remi’s story, including the loss of her mom and the skin condition she has been faced with.

Reality Titbit explored where the TLC star might be now, and what happened to her during surgery with Dr. Sandra Lee.

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Screenshot: Remi, Dr Pimple Popper, TLC Network Twitter

Who is Remi on Dr. Pimple Popper?

Remi has been dealing with skin issues for her entire life.

When she was born, nobody knew what she looked like because she was covered in dry skin all over her body.

She revealed her mother had passed away in January.

The TLC star gets itchy, dry skin in and around her mouth, her inner thighs and all over most of her arm areas.

While she is not used to looking after herself, her alligator-like skin was diagnosed by Dr. Sandra Lee pretty quickly.

Remi’s story on Dr. Pimple Popper

Remi told Dr. Sandra Lee that she has seen lots of doctors for the condition.

She went on to say that some creams would make her skin look good, but that the itchy dryness would then grow back worse.

The star has had lots of different treatments as a result of her mom encouraging her to sort out the skin issue.

Upon examination, it was clear to see that Remi has darker spots on her arms and mouth, where she is affected by the skin condition.

Remi revealed that once, a man had told her she had dirt around her mouth, which was actually referring to the dryness.

Where is Remi now?

Remi is thought to now be living in Mansfield, Texas.

Still grieving over her mom, Remi’s skin condition was treated by Dr. Sandra Lee, who claimed the diagnosis was “close to home”.

Due to the TLC doctor’s expert skills, it is likely that the issue will not grow back worse like previous creams have caused on her skin.

She is thought to have eczema, which usually causes the skin to become itchy, dry, cracked and sore in certain places.



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