Rene Nezhoda’s dad Gunter sadly died at age 67. Storage Wars fans are now flooding both him and Casey with love as they pay tribute to Gunter, who passed away after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Both Rene and Casey have now shared a tribute video on social media talking about the thousands of messages they’ve received following Gunter Nezhoda’s death, which happened on Tuesday night.

Storage Wars Rene Nezhoda, age 45, reveals his late father is “laughing somewhere” as he “loves attention.” Casey, who is now also paying tribute, joined him by saying they are “very touched as a family.”

Gunter and Rene Nezhoda walk through hallway on Storage Wars
Credit: A&E YouTube channel/Storage Wars

Rene Nezhoda pays tribute to dad

Rene Nezhoda revealed that newspapers all around the world wrote about his father’s passing. He said on Twitter that his dad is “laughing somewhere right now because he’s a rockstar and he loves the attention.”

The A&E Storage Wars star recalled that Gunter would often ask what publications would write about him during his life. Rene added how his father’s death has been “really hard” and said he “can’t believe” the love they’ve received.

“A lot of you guys have been sharing your stories that you’re going through the same thing. It’s really sad, cancer sucks, my dad would want us to go on and be happy and just move forward,” Rene revealed.

Casey joined Rene in thanking fans

Casey said she “can’t believe” the amount of coverage of her father-in-law’s death. She shared a picture of him with the words, ‘RIP Gunter Nezhoda. 1956 – 2023,’ to her Instagram and thanked Storage Wars fans for the love.

She also joined Rene and their daughter in paying tribute on social media, saying that Gunter would think it’s “awesome” that so many people have been talking about him worldwide.

Rene and Casey’s future plans

Rene revealed his plans to keep posting pictures “here and there.” He revealed he’s “hard with emotions” before telling Storage Wars fans that he’s going to keep working on future projects.

He said, “You guys are going to be so many projects that we do. You know, my dad will always be around, he always will be with us, you guys love him. He’s a freaking legend, we just wanted to say thank you for the support.”

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