Return to Amish: What happened to Daniel's teeth? Fans question appearance

Daniel on TLC’s Return To Amish has been introduced as Maureen’s new love interest. So, what happened to his face and teeth?

The series focuses on Amish and Mennonite lifestyles, and how they coped with visiting large cities like New York – before returning to their roots.

Viewers started to question why Daniel’s teeth look the way they do, after becoming invested in his and Maureen’s relationship.

So, here’s what really happened to Daniel’s teeth and face…

Screenshot: Daniel, Sneak Peek: Return to Amish Is Back!, TLC YouTube

Who is Daniel on Return to Amish?

Daniel is an ex-Amish who works as a taxi driver.

He is currently in a relationship with co-star Maureen Byler, after she called him the most “handsome” guy she had ever met.

She had asked him to call her after getting a cab ride from him.

Their relationship has really progressed since then, as Maureen updated her Facebook status to ‘engaged’ to Daniel, on July 24, 2020!

He currently lives in Harrisville, Pennsylvania, and is from Dorset, Ohio.

Daniel also has a daughter Madison Marie with his ex, Rose Spangler. 

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Return to Amish: What happened to Daniel?

  • Daniel drank Drano as a child

Daniel accidentally drank Drano, which is meant to remove clogs in drains, when he was 18 months. He also has scars on his body from the incident.

Doctors had recommended that he get plastic surgery to cover the scars up, however people surrounding Daniel didn’t think it was a good idea.

After he drank household cleaner, Daniel’s parents thought it was God’s will for him to look the way he does, which is why he didn’t have them fixed.

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Viewers react to Daniel’s teeth

Looking at Twitter, it’s clear to see that many fans are confused about why Daniel doesn’t have dentures, as he used to be Amish.

Some of his co-stars have dentures, as the Amish tend to have their teeth pulled out, which they think is more cost-effective than visiting the dentist.

One fan said: “#ReturnToAmish I wish a dentist in Pennsylvania where Daniel lives would offer to fix his front teeth for him.”

Another wrote: “Don’t anyone speak bad about Daniel’s teeth or the Twitter police will get you #ReturnToAmish.”

Others have called for dentists to help him fix his teeth…



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